TV Shows You Can't Miss This Year

The New 2017 TV Shows You Shouldn’t be Missing

Use the winter holidays to curl up and binge on the small screen best of fall 2017!

1.    Dynasty New episodes every week since Oct 11

From the producers of Gossip Girl and The O.C., this latest show has exactly the high-class, cash-wrapped drama that you’d expect, with twists, turns and rich people doing seedy things in the darkest of alleys. A revamp of the 220+ episode 1980s soap, you’ll be drawn into the lives of the Carrington family when the patriarch (Grant Show from Melrose Place) falls in love with his secretary, ordering his estranged son and dutiful daughter (Liz Gillies of Victorious! fame) to the family mansion for the upcoming engagement. Chaos, as the CW is so good at creating, ensues.


2.    Young Sheldon New episodes every week since Oct 26

If you don’t know Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, I’d like to ask you which pop-culture less rock you’ve been living under. Everyone’s favourite misanthropic genius has been gracing our screens for nearly 10 seasons- but how did he become so very…Sheldon? In this prequel, we see clearly his Midwestern upbringing, his exasperated mother (Zoe Perry) and the challenges of having a special child; which are all used as punch-lines in the original. A comedy with a message- with BBT arguably is not- think of Young Sheldon as its more serious, more introspective but still hilarious littler brother.


3.    SWAT New episode every week since Nov 2

When Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds, we all shed a tear for his wise-cracking character: in his first lead role, he stuns as a cop made sergeant after his boss’s racially charged death. Another reboot that delivers on its promises, full of bombs, blood and the mean lean LA street with a non-preachy message, it’s an entertaining watch and blast of nostalgia for the classic CBS procedural if nothing else.


4.    The Good Doctor New episode every week since Sept 25

“Unabashedly sentimental…breaks hearts and barriers”, as the Toronto Star puts it, The Good Doctor has surpassed BBT as the most-watched show on US television. The next great medical drama in a long line from Grey’s Anatomy to the ER, Derek Highmore stars as a surgeon suffering from both autism and savant syndrome (praised highly for the portrayal by the autistic community: which give him an insight into human anatomy. Check it  out for surgical heroics, realism and earnest storytelling.


5.    Alias Grace Full first season on Netflix

Based on a Margaret Atwood novel (like the Handmaid’s Tale) about a sensational case in 19th century Canada, about a housemaid (Sarah Gadon) accused of killing her boss and his lover. Atwood’s feminist gaze and ambiguous suspense are well-adapted to the screen, with haunting visuals and a vivid soundtrack, this six-parter will be available for a perfect Netflix binge-watch next month.

6.    Mindhunter Full first season on Netflix

History, true-crime, and Netflix- it’s no wonder that this tried and true formula has a 97% rating on Rotten tomatoes, and for good reason. In the 70s, Agent Holden Ford is struggling to understand the motivations behind serial killing by interviewing the criminals themselves; probing the nascent stages of pop culture’s obsession with the grisliest of killers. Developing the theories you see used so often on Criminal Minds and NCIS via dark places and darker people, insights and slow, slow burns- it works on every level and more.

7.    White Famous New episode every week since Oct 15

Jay Pharaoh plays an African-American comic who’s given the opportunity to “make it big” by  ‘transcending race’- realistic in its depiction of colour in Hollywood but still goofy and unapologetic. In light of current Hollywood affairs its harsh spotlight on the politics of making is as topical as ever: funny as a show about comedy should be, Pharaoh’s charismatic acting and UtkarshAmbudkarand Jacob Ming-Trent in hilarious side-roles make it droll for the classier masses.


8.    Star Trek: Discovery New episode every week since Sept 24

The first Trek series since 2005, everyone’s favourite galactic adventurers are back with better CGI, tighter dialogue and good ol’ interspecies witticisms. Conversations in fluent Klingon, tense standoffs and confusing artefacts galore give Trekkieseaster eggs to look out for but this series does well in distinguishing itself from its predecessors. Less character and more plot-focused but with enough pep to warrant at least a Vulcan Hello- give it a try on Netflix, with new episodes out every week.


9.    Will and Grace New episode every week since Sept 28

Everyone’s favourite gay-straight best friends are back with a bang: and it’s as nostalgic as it is current. Trump references coupled with the primary foursome’s classic comedic chemistry make it a breath of fresh air, with love, old friends and new jokes: old really is gold, and even newcomers should be willing to give it a graceful taste.

10.    9JKL New episode every week since Oct 2

The latest in a wave of sitcoms based on family conflict, has an actor (Mark Feuerstein) whose show was canceled in the wake of his divorce, moving next door to his family: his passive aggressive parents on one side and his brother (David Walton: Bad Moms, New Girl) on the other. 22 minutes and considered the successor to Everybody Loves Raymond, there’s enough family angst and witty one-liners to make it worth the watch.


- Devanshika Bajpai