True Weight Loss

You may already have heard of Identity Fitness Studio’s circuit training, but they now have something to go hand-in-hand with your workout: Truweight. Many people struggle with weight loss; it’s easy to put kilos on, but shedding them often proves tough. Most diets advocate cutting down on quantity, but Truweight is different. It’s helped over 4,700 people lose weight, so it’s definitely worth a shot.
The programme, unique to India, consists of three things: a food plan, more than a dozen super foods, and mentoring. You get a daily food plan that is easy to follow but doesn’t compromise on taste. It comes with a Super Food Kit, 25 fat-burning ingredients you can use in your cooking. The kit includes healthy substances like moringa, spirulina, flaxseed, and wheatgrass.
Truweight believes in:
• Eating more. The programme provides dieters with super foods that are believed to burn fat. After a few years of research, they’ve identified these 25 foods in the Super Food Kit.
• Completely natural foods. Every item in the kit is 100% natural; nothing artificial and no preservatives have been added.
• Honest and quick weight loss. They aim for customer satisfaction, and the proof is in the pudding. If you don’t lose weight in a week, they promise to refund your money.
• Cost-effectiveness. Most weight-loss programmes cost a few thousand rupees per session and last one hour. Truweight costs Rs. 990 per week, and that includes the Super Food Kit.

Identity Fitness Studio’s circuit training
Clear those doubts right up with the Truweight FAQ:

Am I too old to lose weight?
As our bodies age, it becomes tougher to lose weight, but not impossible. Juthika Bhattacharya (age 62) lost 4.5 kg in one month, and Shibani Sen (40) lost eight.

I have a thyroid condition/diabetes/polycystic ovary syndrome. Can I still lose weight?
Obesity, thyroid conditions, diabetes, PCOS and other metabolic problems are all interrelated. The root cause is often the same. Truweight attacks the seven causes of obesity, the cause of these diseases. Your weight loss might be gradual, but the health benefits are worthwhile.
How is Truweight different from other weight-loss programmes?
Truweight is a scientific weight-loss plan that focuses on burning fat through food. It doesn’t believe in weight-loss machines or pills, and doesn’t promote food deprivation or starvation. The plan attacks the causes of obesity from gut bacteria imbalance and nutritional deficiency to hormonal imbalance, promoting health alongside weight loss.
Success Stories – The Happiest Losers
In an attempt to encourage fitness, Identity launched a contest to shed weight and get rewarded for it. The fitness drive was done in association with a local newspaper and named The Happiest Loser Challenge. The total prize money was Rs. 10 lakh, a motivating factor that definitely served its purpose. People lost as much as five kilos in one week. The Identity staff made sure that people exercised right and had the correct nutrition plans. Here are some of the testimonials.

Identity Fitness Studio’s circuit training 
Shibani Sen lost 8 kilos in 30 days and won a Samsung S4.
“I ate fat-burning foods and did the right exercise. My trainers told me what I needed to eat in order to lose the most weight. The super foods and the Truweight diet plan provided by Identity did the trick for me – it consisted of 25 fat-burning foods like spirulina and wheatgrass. The best part is that they were 100% natural, with no artificial elements added… and quite tasty!”

Identity Fitness Studio’s circuit training
Ajay lost 11.6 kilos in 45 days.

His thyroid condition, hyperacidity and blood pressure are all under control.
“An interview of Lakshmi Manchu’s inspired me; it truly changed my life. She said that good health is not God’s gift, but relies on your hard work. Those words became inspiration to me.”
Ridhiman Dutta lost 15 kilos.
“My mum was a little overweight, and I saw her working out at Identity. If she could lose weight, I wondered why I couldn’t. I’m a new person now – more conscious of my health and the meals I eat.”

Prasanna Lakshmi lost 12.3 kilos in 80 days.
“There are all kinds of weight-loss products on the market, from non-surgical liposuction to slimming belts and pills. My honest advice to everyone: please don’t fall for these tricks. Remember, weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.”

Juthika Bhattacharya lost 10 kilos.
“I love Identity for what they are. Whether you’re young or old, fit or not, they train you in the best way. Though I’m 62, they make me feel 16.”    

..... Saloni