Trove Cryptocurrency Wallet

Layer, which was founded by Benjamin Hubert, is an industrial design agency from London. Well-known for creating award-winning products, it boasts market leading experiences and UX/UI like no other company. Their latest project focuses on the digital currency revolution, creating a secure tool to store and manage all your virtual funds. Called the Trove Cryptocurrency, this little gadget is an “unhackable” wearable device, produced in collaboration with a fintech start-up, Trove. The system restores cryptocurrency offline on the hardware and uses the help of the ECG signature to ensure safety. It mainly communicates via Bluetooth when connected to the users’ smartphone, allowing the funds to then be accessible. There is an app which is to help users track their currencies, which can be downloaded onto the owners’ smartphone. Recent reports suggest that 35% of all bitcoins have been lost due to irrecoverable passwords, which can be heartbreaking considering the current price of bitcoins. The Trove wallet will ensure that you don’t forget your password, thanks to the app that comes with it, and will allow you to manage your funds in a simple and efficient way. It comprises an interchangeable, fashion-inspired wearable device, along with a USB-C inductive charger which will juice the device up.