The Trip' will change my image of small town girl: Shweta Tripathi

TV actress Shweta Tripathi who is acting in "The Trip" is looking forward to shedding her onscreen image of a village and small town girl that she played in Masaan. In an interview recently, she said, "In 'The Trip', I play the character named Ananya Makhija, a Delhi girl who wants to get married. This is a different character from whatever I have portrayed onscreen so far -- of a sweet, small town girl. Most importantly, you will not find a trace of my character from "Masaan". So, I think this will change my image of a small town girl,".

The story of "The Trip" revolves around four girls Ananya, Sanjana, Nazia and Sonali  who are all looking for themselves on a journey from Delhi to Thailand and how they discover various sides of each other through the whole fun and adventurous trip. Sapna Pabbi, Mallika Dua and Lisa Haydon are the other actresses who are cast with Shweta. About her role, Shweta said: "My character Ananya has a greater influence of her friend Sanjana who is a stylist. In a way, she transforms Ananya from a self-conscious chubby girl to a fit and fine, carefree girl who practices yoga and follows a healthy diet. So, they celebrate their friendship throughout the journey."

When asked what it was about her role in the “The Trip “ that attracted her to it, she said,

"There were three categorical factors to accept the project. First Disney is producing it. I started my acting career with them and as a production house, they gave me popularity. So, I have complete trust on them.

"Secondly, I love acting and travelling; when you put them together - it is 'The Trip'! When they came to me with the script and said that we will be shooting in Shillong, Bangkok and Koh Samui, I got so excited. In addition, I wanted to experience how it feels to work with three leading female co-actors on set. So, 'The Trip' is a fulfilling experience."