Treats to Beat the Heat - 2

Maharaja Chaat

Without doubt the most talked-about chaat joint in Hyderabad, you won’t need to search far and wide to find out why Maharaja is so special. This is the place for pani puri and dahi puri; their staff are extremely friendly; and the food is completely hygienic. Drive down to Maharaja in your pyjamas, and they’ll serve you in your car. Also available are summer favourites like papdi chaat, pav bhaaji, and bhel puri.

The Tex-Mex fast food restaurant is a favourite with many people residing near Inorbit Mall, where it’s located. The menu boasts a plethora of summer drinks and scores well with margaritas, mojitos and Long Island iced tea. Also available is a good selection of lagers and fresh draught beer. We recommend a visit to Chili’s during happy hours (4-8 pm every weekday) for their 1+1 offer on all drinks.


What’s better on a stuffy summer day than cracking open a pint of ice-cold beer? Cracking open a pint of ice-cold Belgian beer, especially an ale that’s been micro-brewed to perfection. At MOB, you can choose from whatever’s available on tap or in a bottle. The variety keeps changing but is as varied as pale ale, brown ale, lager, pilsner, and the occasional cider. Belgian beer is far stronger, heavier in body, and more flavourful than Indian pilsners like Kingfisher and Royal Challenge. Be ready for notes of apple, hints of tobacco, and after-tastes of sweet caramel; all of it wonderfully perfect.

Olive Bistro

Olive Bistro’s tried and tested menu features fresh fruit mojitos to quench your thirst on a scorching summer afternoon. In fact, that’s all we needed to cool off. Combining sweet, summery fruits with refreshing
counter-flavours like mint, grapefruit and lemon, they’ll have you re-energised in no time. On offer are mandarin orange, sweet lime, raw mango, watermelon, plum, passion fruit, and classic lime and mint flavours. In addition to these regulars, keep your eyes open for when Olive introduces seasonal flavours.

Lemonade @ Ruci & Idoni

Summer is the perfect time for refreshing, fruit-flavoured beverages. Mangoes are the pick of the season, and if you hark back to the summers of your childhood, you’ll recollect the cold aam panna that was surely a part of them. Today, you’ll surely love the raw mango and mint lemonade at Ruci & Idoni on Road No. 10 in Banjara Hills. Its sourness is beautifully punctuated by the mint, and every glass is freshly made. It comes in a Mason jar, adding to the summer atmosphere. And should you not be fond of raw mango, the restaurant has many other flavours to choose from.

Milkshakes @ Viva Italia

While most Italian eateries aren’t budget restaurants, Viva Italia serves up some delectable grub at reasonable prices. Their Mars and Oreo milkshakes are sure to satiate any chocoholic’s cravings for rich, creamy, cocoa-laden desserts. We also suggest the Ferrero Rocher for those who like a tinge of nutty flavour.

Mist n Creams
What’s special about this place? It uses liquid nitrogen rather than ice to create its frozen desserts (made to order), resulting in a creamier texture with fewer ice crystals. The result is a flavour overload that’s sure to have you hooked at first bite. Try the range of fruit flavours, ranging from litchi and kiwi to mixed fruit, or one of their many chocolate creations. Milkshakes are on offer as well, but stick to the ice cream. You may
never again be happy with a run-of-the-mill ice pop.

Truffles Café
This cosy café in Jubilee Hills is the perfect place to unwind, thanks to its broad menu and variety of outdoor seating featuring ample greenery. The Truffles menu is currently running a summer cocktails special, featuring some refreshing drinks to help you beat the heat. Spend your summer afternoons and evenings savouring the Coco Surprise (white rum and fresh coconut water served in a coconut shell), the Musk Melon Daiquiri, or the Banana Pineapple Colada.

It’s difficult to get truly excellent rasgulla in the city, but we thankfully have people who have brought a taste of Bengal to the Deccan. Agra Sweets and Coffee Shop in Panjagutta and Kolkata House in Kondapur are among the best. Ardent sweet lovers should try Apnar Kolkata. From the outside, it looks like a normal sweet shop. Don’t be fooled. Try anything: rasgulla, rajbhog, chanar jilabi, cham cham, pantowa, rasmalai, and misti doi. There’s no doubt you will want to go back (with your blood sugar test results in hand).

Frozen yoghurt isn’t like ice cream. It’s much softer, it melts more quickly, and it’s got far fewer calories and much less fat than ice cream. Some varieties are gluten-free, making them perfect for anyone avoiding the substance out of choice or by compulsion. Menchie’s does fro-yo right, with a number of rotating flavours. After sampling each flavour, pick a cup size and use the handles to fill it up with whichever mix of flavours you like. Then, visit the topping bar that boasts a variety of chocolate-based treats, fresh fruit, and three popular sauces (fudge, caramel, butterscotch). Pay by weight (Re. 1/gm)
and enjoy!