Treats to Beat the Heat

Treats to Beat the Heat
As much as we all want to lose weight and fit into our bathing suits sans love handles, summers are really about one thing: food. Yes, beaches can take a backseat and holidays can hibernate. It’s the cold and refreshing treats, both solid and liquid, that make summer bearable. Check out our pick of the best heat-busting snacks, drinks and desserts. We hope they make the coming months of sweat and swelter a little easier to handle.

Natural Ice Cream
Mango, watermelon and tender coconut may be the holy trifecta of summer. Natural’s tender coconut ice cream is a wonderful treat available virtually nowhere else. The fresh, lightly flavoured dessert is quite good, made better by the tiny bits of tender coconut in each spoonful. In addition, the ice cream parlour has a number of excellent flavours to choose from: watermelon, mango, strawberry, grape, chikoo, chocolate, and more.

Cream Stone

Regardless of season, ice cream never loses its charm. Whether you want a candy overdose or something simple, Cream Stone has it all. The best part about going there in the summer is the range of delicious mango-flavoured sundaes. Try the Mr. Alphonso, a scrumptious combination of fresh Alphonso mango with mango and vanilla ice cream, all mixed to perfection on the stone. Another favourite is the Twisted Mango that features peanut chikki, mango and pineapple ice cream, and fresh Himayat mango topping.

Cream & Fudge
With one outlet in Gachibowli and another in Begumpet, Cream & Fudge offers new takes on the ice cream sundae. Try the Strawberry Shortcake (French vanilla ice cream, strawberry pie filling, vanilla sponge cake, caramel fudge), the Chocolate Lovers (chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate chips, brownies, chocolate fudge), the Chocolate Truffle Sensation (chocolate and cookie dough ice creams, Ferrero Rocher, hazelnuts), and a host of out-of-the-box flavours like bubble gum, cookie dough, peanut butter, and green apple.

Lassi @ Tibbs

The frankie outlet outside Lifestyle has some appetising treats, but waiting for your food means toying with a meltdown. This is when their tasty Sip One lassi comes handy, a cold treat full of fruity goodness. It comes in sealed plastic cups that make it convenient if you’d rather not stand in one place. We recommend the mango variant, but you can also try the strawberry and dry fruit options. Each has the perfect balance of sweet and sour, leaving you refreshed in the midday heat. Sip One is also available at Dairy Den, Universal Bakery, and 5th Avenue Bakery. .

Ice Gola @ Dimmy
Dimmy is a Hyderabadi institution. The two branches in Secunderabad and Jubilee Hills are city landmarks, and with the weather only getting warmer, now is the perfect time to pay them a visit for the body-cooling, mouth-watering ice gola. Fans of this icy treat can choose from flavours as varied as kala khatta, rose, mango, mixed fruit, and lemon. For those of you who believe that variety is the spice of life, feel free to mix flavours.

Famous Ice Cream

Before the advent of foreign brands and air-conditioned parlours, Famous Ice Cream’s handmade treats were a hit with the Mozamjahi Market faithful. The menu is vast and keeps expanding; current must-haves are the seasonal fruit flavours like mango, melon and chikoo. What’s truly amazing is the prices have withstood the test of time; they’re pretty reasonable and go easy on your pocket. Try Famous’ special sundaes: the Tall Beauty, the Thunder Ball Delight, and the Rainbow.

Amore Gelato

Gelato is a milk-based dessert with a rich, velvety consistency and intense flavour. It is creamier than ice cream in taste and texture, but has far less fat. Amore Gelato serves natural flavours like Belgian dark chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, rum-raisin, whisky cream, brownie fudge, and Ferrero Rocher. They also serve water-based sorbetti made from fresh fruits; refreshing, smooth, natural, and 100% fat free. Choose from their seasonal flavours like watermelon, strawberry, musk melon, grape, chikoo, guava, mango, and apple.

Hazzel Ice Cream Café
You might favour Hazzel, yet another ice cream parlour that employs the cold stone technique, for its
detailed flavours. Chocolate almond fudge, nutty caramel, red velvet sundae, exotic fruits, Black Forest,
banana caramel – there’s plenty of choice. Visit any of the six outlets in Film Nagar, Gachibowli, Kukkatpally, Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, and Banjara Hills.

Punjab Ki Mashoor Kulfi

Located in a mobile cart on the Sindhi Colony main road behind Paradise, what this kulfiwala lacks in variety is made up for with taste and price. Quite cheap even by older standards, this is some of the best, creamiest kulfi in the city. The Punjabis are known for their undying loyalty to flavour over calorie count, and this dessert might just be the very epitome of that philosophy. Believe us when we say it’s the perfect counter-attack against a lazy, still, stuffy summer evening.