Travel like a pro

Travel like a pro

Planning on avoiding the holiday season bustle and going on a holiday? Here are some holiday travel hacks to make your trip smooth and easy.

1.    Make sure you’ve packed all the chargers for all your devices, taken extra batteries and most importantly charged them beforehand.

2.     To make things cheaper and within the budget fly on the day of the holiday, tickets are cheaper and the airports tend to be less crowded.

3.    Keep a tab on your frequent flier options and points to get better seats and upgrades.

4.    Pack light if you are planning on shopping during your holiday and make sure you pack all the essentials.

5.    Pack some snacks beforehand if you are travelling with kids. Make sure they have ways to entertain themselves at the airport and during the flight.

6.    If you are planning on taking presents along, do not pre wrap them. The wrapping might tear or crumple in your suitcase, bring along a roll of paper instead.

7.    If you are of the drinking age, take your own alcohol on board if it’s not included in your meal plan to avoid overspending.

8.    If possible, come back a day early to recharge and put back things in order at home before you head to your normal work routine.

..... Devashree Goenka