The Top 6 Amazing Jets & Yachts 2018 – From The Luxury List

Flawless beauty and sophisticated elegance are key components of luxury. The brand, quality, personality, allure and overall presentation are what are taken into consideration when speaking of luxurious objects. Our list for 2018’s most luxurious take these same criteria into account. In our rundown of fashion houses, we’ve carefully considered every label and selected only the most exclusive ones. For luxury  car designers, the company’s sense of style and direction, taking its past and present into account, is most important. Jewellery designers selected for this list all have the glitz and sophistication required to make the grade.

We’ve hand-picked the top restaurants as well, looking at their Michelin star status along with expansive creations and innovation. Plus you need a setting that’s charming and brings beauty with flavour to savour. The jets and yachts’ sleek style is what luxury is all about – a product that’s built to deliver a certain style and grand, overall experience. And of course, real estate is extremely popular as a top luxury option. Everyone dreams of living in a palace, but of course, it comes with a price. Check out our picks here for a taste of luxury living.     - Rahim Latif


1) Day & Night by Airbus Interiors Services
Airbus Interiors Services are looking to redefine the concept of first class by bringing to light a new idea called the Day & Night. This new two-zone concept was specifically designed to suit the company’s A350and A380 aircrafts, and will allow passengers to enjoy luxury similar to the comfort of their own homes. Featuring an ergonomic swivel chair, a small work table, a dining table, and a large personal entertainment screen, it’s almost like travelling in a hotel room!

2) Rossinavi’s Aurora Superyacht
Rossinavi’s Aurora superyacht is definitely headed for the future. This sleek 50-metervessel emanates an Italian stallion and, though built for speed, it is comfortable and features luxurious interiors. A sub-500 GT vessel complete with a beach club, the beautiful ship includes a full-beam deck layout, smoothening out the sharp lines with super clean designs. Rossinavi’s Aurora Superyacht only allows up to 12 passengers onboard; we’re sure you want to be one of them!

3) Dassault Falcon 6X Jet
The much sought-after Dassault Falcon 6X jet promises a big gerrange and double the cabin space, along with numerous other updates. Set to soar for the first time in early 2021, Dassault’s new baby will rip through the sky at incredible pace of up to mach 0/90 and travel up to 6,300 miles on only a single tank! Impressed yet? To amp it up some more, the 6X is powered by the new PW812D Pure Power engine, coupled with new technologies that deliver improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

4) Silver Wind by ISA Yachts
Yacht brand ISA prides itself on its genius creation, the Silver Wind, the very first ship from its 140’series. This masterpiece is 43.63meters long, and comes with a fun mix of hybrid propulsion and water jets, along with one of the rare variable rpm generators. Adorned with impressive high-end materials like marble and onyx along with wood such as a high gloss ebony, bleached walnut, and even a beautiful satin rosewood, the interiors are quite eye-catching. Luxury brands like Hermes, Fendi, Charles Paris, and Armani/Casa have also contributed upholstery, lighting, and other eye-catching features.

5) Ilona by Heesen Yachts
A new and improved version of the Dutch shipyard, Heesen Yachts had unveiled a 27-metre, all-aluminium stunner, a refurbished and sleek motor yacht named IIona. The company has now revamped the yacht, refitting the vessel completely and transforming it into a state-of-the art yacht. Complete with a sophisticated snow-white hull, Heesen Yachts have now teamed up with Omega Architects for the design, giving the yacht a more modern and luxurious look.

6) Bombardier Global 7000
Having just become the largest and longest-range business jet ever, the Bombardier Global 7000 has already made jaws drop all over. Boasting a passenger area that is divided into four different living areas –a cosy seating area, a dining or meeting area, a bedroom, and even a cinema room –this stunning machine will be all your aircraft dreams come true. Adding to its award-winning design and magnificent range and size, the jet flies at around 561 mph, and can touch a top speed of 650mph.