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One of the best and easily available beauty ingredients for smooth and shiny hair is henna. While it is common knowledge that henna nourishes and strengthens your tresses, its other benefits are not well known.
How to Make Henna at Home:

For the first-timers, here are the steps to prepare henna hair pack at home:

•    Take a few tsp of henna powder in a bowl

•    Sift through to ensure that there are no lumps

•    Add a few tsp of black tea or coffee and some water to it

•    Mix well

•    Leave for six to eight hours

•    Apply this paste on hair and leave it for half an hour

•    Wash it off with plain water, without using shampoo and conditioner

•    Use shampoo and conditioner after two days

Benefits of Henna for Hair:

Here is the list of benefits for using henna on your hair:

1.    Improves hair growth

2.    Reduces hair fall

3.    Prevents dandruff

4.    Controls itchiness of scalp

5.    Is a natural hair dye

6.    Repairs split ends

7.    Keeps scalp clean

8.    Makes your hair lustrous and thick

9.    Gives soft, shiny, and manageable hair

10.    Is compatible with oily scalp

11.    Can also be used on dry hair

12.    Acts as a deep conditioner

Wonderful Hair Nourishment with Henna