Tomorrowland Diaries

One of the most popular music festivals in the world is the larger-than-life experience that is Tomorrowland in Belgium. People wait for it on tenterhooks, and as the dates draw near, anticipation only builds. Tina Dutta of Parineeta fame was lucky enough to party at the iconic festival, and she even travelled around with her friends, visiting other parts of Belgium as well as Istanbul, Amsterdam and Prague.

I had the chance to visit Europe, primarily to attend the tenth anniversary of Tomorrowand, Belgium’s famous electronic music festival. The ten-day trip was planned around the festival, which takes place in the lovely town of Boom.
Though acting is my first love, it’s close to being beat by travelling, which I thoroughly enjoy! Exploring and experiencing unknown places is always fun, and it’s even better when you do so with your closest friends! My best pals Aaneri, Karan, Partul, Vicky, and Priyanka and her husband Anshal planned an amazing vacation of ten days, which gave us the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Needless to say, this was a trip I will not soon forget; it will remain very close to my heart.

Everybody wants to go to Tomorrowland. When my friends asked me to join them on the festival’s tenth anniversary, I jumped at the offer without thinking twice! We travelled to Belgium via Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. I spent a day there doing one of my favourite things: shopping! The three days to follow were certainly some of the best of my life. Our time was spent loving every minute of the colourful electronic music festival, which attracts visitors from around the world. We danced, splurged on the excellent food and drinks, and soaked in the music and diversity around us. Some of the most celebrated artists and DJs in the world gave us the time of our lives, as they played their music to a happy crowd. What made our visit even memorable were the rains that welcomed us. Gentle showers showed up every now and again, making me rather happy! I love the monsoons and did not miss the Mumbai rains even a bit while in Belgium. We took a stroll through Boom one day, and what really impressed me were the rich architecture and art. They make the place look marvellous – a true treat for the eyes!

Our next stop was Amsterdam, an ideal spot for people who enjoy partying. And that was pretty much all we did the two days we were there! We went clubbing until late in the night, gossiped and relaxed until five in the morning, took a catnap, and were off for our city tour at ten. Sleep was secondary; there was simply too much to see! My best friend Aaneri and I would chat for hours. This trip was so special to us, as it has made our bond of five years even stronger.

From Amsterdam, we proceeded to Prague in the Czech Republic. This leg of the journey was more about doing touristy things. We visited museums, important monuments, cathedrals and churches. The people there were especially warm and hospitable, and were happy to guide us through the city. We took a Segway ride – a little something in the name of adventure, and it was quite exciting. Despite falling off a couple of times (Karan sustained a small injury), I’d still recommend trying it! It was worth feeling that sense of accomplishment when we finally mastered the Segway. Evenings in Prague are particularly lively. We loved spending time with buskers on the streets, and since there were shows happening all evening, there was no shortage of entertainment. Prague has a lot to offer and is a shopper’s paradise. I managed to get my hands on some of the best brands in fashion. I bought Jimmy Choo footwear, a Michael Kors handbag, and quite a few Armani shirts for my father and brother.

Throughout the trip, we relished plenty of delicious Thai food, pizzas and a
mind-boggling number of cheeses. I adore exploring new places and learning about the culture, so interacting with the locals was a big part of my trip. I was amazed to find out that begging is not a norm in the Czech Republic, unless handicapped or extremely unfortunate. Everybody, even on the streets, offers something in return for money. Be it music or goods, the Czechs make the most of what they have and can do. There are musicians, painters and entertainers. In my opinion, these are artists in the truest sense of the word.
I would very much like to visit Prague again, and I recommend it to everyone. One thing I’m sure of is that I’m going back to Belgium for Tomorrowland next year. In fact, I would love to go every year if my schedule permits. Seeing my friends off at Mumbai International was not easy. With heavy hearts, we said goodbye, knowing that we had to get back to our lives. But I did bring back some wonderful memories and a promise in my heart to plan another fun vacation.