Things that you shouldn’t miss while on your trip to Bangkok

We all know that Bangkok gets counted as one of the top tourist destinations, but many of us do not know that the city is more than just being a hotspot for boasting great nightlife experiences, and all things that are related with the modern day concept of fun. The capital and the most populous city of Thailand is also a great place to witness the amalgamation of different cultures, ancient history, and great local food.

To those who have not heard or read about Bangkok beyond its nightlife and high on life experience, here is our list of the things that will make you see Bangkok in another way as well. If you are planning your trip, it is always best to book your entire trip via a website that can arrange all, right from your flight to hotel stay and sightseeing. If you are concerned more about the type of hotel you will make your stay then you must visit

List of things you shouldn’t miss while on your trip to Bangkok:

Wat Traimit

Starting the list with a temple! Wat Traimit is a temple located in Chinatown, a famous place in Bangkok. The temple is famous for housing a golden Buddha image which is 3 meters high and weight more than 5 tons. The image is cast in the Sukhothai style and it is somewhere 900 years old. To hide the value of the image, it was hidden in the plaster until 1957. It was finally revealed that the image is actually a statue made out of pure gold. The discovery was made when the image was being moved to a new building and slipped from the crane holding it. Talking about the temple then it is said to date back to the early 13th century.

Lumphini Park


Moving on to a soothing place in Bangkok which you often won’t read at several places! If you are not a person who waits for the night to dawn to enjoy yourself and being close to nature is your definition of getting high then this is the place for you. Lumphini Park is not just a park that showcases its closeness to nature but it is also a center of crafts. It was designed with the purpose of housing Thai crafts and its nowhere to find flowers. The place is serene and you can take walk on a path or can opt for a boat ride or simply sit back and relax the soothing and silent world of nature. If you are lucky enough then you may spot water monitor lizard. If you happen to reach on Sunday, you may take part in a free concert.

Jim Thompson's House

house of jim thompson

Another great place to make a visit at is Jim Thompson’s House. The place is dedicated to the Thai Silk industry and it features 6 traditional Thai-style houses. The house is an epitome for the entire country as it is the place that brought back the glory to the Thai Silk industry. This house happened when Thompson was establishing his silk company; he came across Southeast Asia Art and started preserving them and collecting them. This house was the place where his weavers lived and worked.

These 3 places are rarely mentioned in any place but if you are more than a night animal and want to explore the tit and bits of Bangkok, make sure to visit these 3 places.

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