Tempura lobster salad

Ingredients              Qty

cucumber                 200 gm           
parsley                     10 gm    
pepper                     5 gm    
chervil                      5 gm
gelatine                   4 leaves
radish                      25 gm
black fungus            25 gm    
romaine heart         50 gm
shiso leaf                5 gm
asparagus              25 gm    
green zucchini        25 gm    
yellow zucchini        25 gm
tempura flour           50 gm    
lobster tail              100 gm    
yuzu                        15 ml    
salt                        10 gm  
For the dressing
sesame oil              20 ml    
sesame seeds        5 gm    
light soy    sauce    10 ml    
Dijon mustard        10 gm    
onion (grated)        15 gm    
radish (grated)       10 gm    
apple (grated)         25 gm    
ginger (grated)        5 gm    
sugar                        15 gm    
miso paste              10 gm    
mirin                        15 ml    
saké                         10 ml    
sushi vinegar           10 ml


1.   Blend the cucumber with parsley, yuzu and salt. Strain and mix softened gelatine. Pour onto a plate and garnish with roundels of red pepper, cucumber and herbs. Refrigerate.
2.   Mix the dressing ingredients and set aside.
3.   Make the tempura flour into a batter and set aside.
4.   Now make ribbons of the vegetables. Soak them in iced water and set aside.
5.   Fry the lobster in tempura batter.
6.   Toss the vegetables in the dressing and plate. Place the lobster tempura around, and drizzle with  dressing. Garnish with shiso leaves.