Vietnam Through a Train Window

Situated in Southeast Asia on the South China Sea, the country of Vietnam is well known for its rivers, beaches, lively cities, and Buddhist pagoda temples. It is full of French landmarks from the colonial period, museums of war history, and Cu Chi tunnels that were used by the Viet Cong soldiers who gave the marines from the United States a tough time. Hanoi is its capital and it has a huge mausoleum made out of marble as a tribute to its iconic leader, Ho Chi Minh. 

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Sweet Escapes


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Spectacular Scenery, Striking Architecture and Scrumptious Waffles!

The country of Belgium, officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium, is a sovereign state in Western Europe. A small, densely populated country that has an interesting blend of Germanic and Latin European cultures, it has two main linguistic groups: the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking communities. It is this beautiful little nation that Pallavi Vasireddi and her family visited recently. The group of eight landed in Brussels, and went on to visit Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent on a five-day trip. The family wanted a short, scenic vacation, and with its beautiful landscapes, fine architecture and culturally rich art, Belgium made an excellent choice.


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The Long Escape

New years and new beginnings have come and gone, and so have the many resolutions along with them. Whether you’reon trackto reach your goals or just couldn’t help but slip a bit, there’s still one thing no one should miss out on this year: the opportunity to travel and explore the world. So before you mentally start racking up the many obligations and commitments that are in store for the year, how about taking a look at your new travel bucket list? From a quick getaway to a lengthy exploration, rejuvenating in a faraway countryside or walking city streets bustling with life, here are 10 places around the globe that aresure to offer every traveller something new!    
                             – Roshni

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The Kingdom of Serenity

Perched high in the Himalayas, the tiny, remote and mystical kingdom of Bhutan is among the most culturally rich of all Himalayan nations. A visit to Bhutan has been a long-standing dream, and it finally came true last month when a few friends and I decided on a five-day trip to the “Land of Druk,” or the “Land of Thunder Dragon,” where time stands still.


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Maafushi Beach Maldives

Here Is What The Maldives Has In Store For Honeymooners

Here is all about Maldives

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The Road Less Travelled

One of the best-known holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Cambodia is renowned for its historical ruins, archaeological exhibits, impressive stone temples, and much more. This week, Urmez Bhote and his companions give us a glimpse of the ‘much more’ that they experienced, and share some special insights into this popular destination.

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South American Sojourn

South America – a place of breathtaking natural beauty, rich in history, and a diverse culture sure to leave anyone awestruck;
this is exactly what Ketineni Pratibha and K. Sayaji Rao got to experience on their recent trip to the magical continent.

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Majestic Dwellings and Celebrations

While it might seem like it never stopped, the festive season is right around the corner yet again. As life in a multicultural country definitely allows its citizens to experience the best of every festival year round, it’s a given that we now treat ourselves to the finest Diwali experience – right here at home.

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