Tandoori bharwan karela

Ingredients                              Qty

fresh karela                              4 pcs
olive oil                                     3 tsp
four-spice mix                           1 tsp
garlic (chopped)                       ½ tsp
ginger (chopped)                     ½ tsp
green chilli (chopped)              ⅓ tsp
amchur powder                        1 tsp
chaat masala powder              ½ tsp
red chilli                                   1 pc.
turmeric    powder                    ½ tsp
coriander                                 ⅓ tsp
salt                                           ½ tsp
asafoetida                                pinch
green coriander (chopped)      2 tsp
yoghurt                                   ½ cup
chilli paste                              1 Tbsp
onion (chopped)                     3 tsp
tomato (chopped)                   3 tsp


1.   Peel and scoop the karela, and set the seeds aside for the stuffing. Add one gram each of turmeric powder and salt. Set aside for an hour.
2.   Wash and blanch in salted water.
3.   To make the masala for the stuffing, heat oil in a pan and add the four-spice mix, whole red chilli and a safoetida. Cook for one minute.
4.   Add the garlic, and cook for a few seconds. Add the ginger and green chilli, and cook for one minute. Add onions and cook until half done, and add the remaining spices except the amchur and chaat masala. Add tomatoes, cook for 3-4 minutes, then add the amchur and chaat masala and coriander. Set the stuffing aside to cool.
5.   To make the marinade, mix yoghurt and chilli paste together.
6.   Take the stuffing and fill the karela. Apply the marinade over it.
7.   Put them on skewers and cook for 8-10 minutes.
8.   Serve hot with lemon wedges.