A Talent for Training

Carrying the heritage of the Nizam’s family, which epitomises class, grace and culture, Zayd Yar Khan is a personification of the phrase “manners maketh man.” He believes the most critical factor in someone’s growth is properly crediting those who enable and stimulate this growth. Managing Director of Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals, a corporate training, soft skills, and voice and accent training institute, Zayd jokingly describes himself as “made in India, assembled in Oman, exported to Australia, and will return to sender.”

Was the training segment your primary target? When and how did you realise that this was your calling?
Moving from Australia to India in November 2014, I began working as the senior manager, lead voice and accent and secondary soft skills trainer at a training institute. It was at this moment that I realised my skills – confident voice, accomplishments and techniques – could be shared with a wider audience and enable them to unlock their true potential. I completely fell in love with training. The feeling of being honoured by trainees has no parallel. A trainee once touched my feet out of respect on the day he received his certificate,
and said, “Sir, you are like God to me. ”Hearing this,

I was speechless. This gesture led me to understand just how enthusiastic, determined, and appreciative trainees are when they find someone who is willing to motivate and educate them. Hence I founded my own business – Kingsman Elite Corporate Professionals. It’s a dream come true for me.  

What are the benefits a fresher gains after undergoing voice and accent or soft skills training?
Not just freshers, but anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge should undergo voice or soft skills training. In retrospect, I would like to share that I was a very shy, socially awkward and timid child who could never maintain eye contact. I would turn different shades of colours when asked to speak publicly. Had I been trained, I would have certainly been leaps and bounds ahead of the others.
I believe that soft skills training should be a prerequisite for every job applicant. A fresher has little to no knowledge about interviews and speaking confidently. They must also be articulate, prepare their curriculum vitae, learn habits that lead to a successful life, and so much more. The tools and mechanisms we use at our institute are what distinguishes from the others, and give a competitive advantage. The skills they acquire here will last them a lifetime.

How do you deal with competition?
We have no competition. We innovate, others imitate.

Imagine there was a role reversal: What would you have done as a student of your institute?
Where do I begin! I’d be like a kid in a candy shop, picking and choosing a multitude of training programmes that would have immediate benefits and results. I’d take every opportunity to mingle with new people, different cultures, learn from my surroundings, ask questions, and be an eager beaver. Practicing my newly acquired skills daily, I’d share my knowledge with my family and friends, and enable them to benefit as well.

Which moments from your time in Australia and Muscat remain in your mind the most?
Muscat and Australia are so diverse in terms of culture, yet so similar when it comes to their hospitality. Australia is blessed with stunning flora and fauna. Travelling to these countries should be on everyone’s bucket list.

To recall an intense incident from my stay in Australia, I have to share that in October 2009, I met with a horrific freak accident which resulted in paralysing my left arm. It took multiple surgeries, surgeons, specialists, doctors and nurses to regain some of my movement. But the immense love and support from genuine friends kept me going. I have vague memories of the accident, but I recall a lady and her young daughter sitting on the grass where I laid. They held my hands and began praying. I was so moved that I feel indebted to this country and its people.

How do you keep yourself updated on developments in your field?
I’m an audio-visual learner. I’m constantly researching new training methods, developments, and upcoming challenges that trainees might face. I also watch training videos on psychology, business, entrepreneurship, and so on.

Understanding the teachings of Dale Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, and especially my father, Nadir Yar Khan, has enabled me to be open-minded about a plethora of subjects. I’m always enthusiastic about learning and redeveloping.       --- as told to Sumana