Sweet Dreams - Diksha Khanna talks with You & I

She’s a raring-to-go entrepreneur who followed her dreams when she moved to Australia to launch Amazeology, a brand dealing with confectionary technology. We caught up with Diksha to find out more about her venture.

Tell us everything about your start-up. What were some of the challenges of setting up shop?
I moved to Australia with my husband in 2006 and picked up an account assistant’s job, but soon realised that I wanted to give direction to my own creativity. I quit the job within six months, researched and identified the appropriate technology to fuel my plan of printing on chocolates, and decided to give my passion a chance to accelerate. This is how ‘Branded Chocolates’ came along. Overcoming the challenges, we were persistent in the venture and launched Amazeology in 2016.

We are in the business of printing on edible products. So the only restriction we have is to use products that meet the core requirements of standardised production, shelf life, colour options, and taste. Once the basic product meets our standards, the options are limitless. There can be many shapes, sizes, and creatives that can be used to make each piece unique.

How did you come up with the idea?
The idea has been around for a while, as printed cakes and hand-decorated confectionaries have existed for a long time. We have merely taken it to the next level since we always wanted to bring something unconventional to the market. Mithai in India is synonymous with happiness. People love exchanging sweets on all occasions, and since kaju katli is the most loved sweet, we considered it to be the best choice. Moreover, it is off-white,

which enhances the print, and it also has a good shelf life. With the edge-printing technology available today, applying it to non-conventional products like kaju katli and macaroons, we gave new scope to Amazeology in India.

How did you build the core team (co-founders and initial employees) and how did everyone align with the idea?
Our core team constitutes the promoters. Besides me in Australia, Anuj and Sameer are the founding members of the Indian arm of Amazeology. Sameer manages the brand in India, while Anuj is an expert in printing and packaging. I accessorise the products with beautiful designs; we have a large variety of designs for all occasions, apart from which we customise according to our customers’ needs.

What has your revenue and growth been like so far?
Since we are not a private or public limited company, our revenue figures are internal to us. The India business is less than a year old, and therefore there is no year-over-year growth we can talk about. The month-over-month growth, however, is currently more than 100%, which is due to a small base. But the monthly increment in demand is extremely heartening, and that is why we continue to invest in the business model.

What is the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors?
Our technology, supply chain partners, and creativity are the top three vectors that set us apart from our competitors. We provide specialised direct printing on the food products without any sugar or rice sheets. The ink is tasteless and of superior quality.

How does your service work?
We have two platforms that are determined by the fulfilment channel: online and offline. The online channel has fewer products (due to logistical challenges in India). Visitors to our site have options to customise the product to their requirements, or they can choose from the available templates. They can play around on the website and get previews of the final product that will be delivered, before finalising the order and checking out.

The offline model is a wholesale offering for corporates and event management outfits. The products offered here are wider with many packaging options, as well as customised packaging in addition to the customised product itself.

And your future plans?
We plan to consolidate the business model and introduce new products in both business models. Also, we have received numerous enquiries for the franchising the model, so we might work on developing that model as long as we are able to find partners that have the same level of commitment and passion as we do.        – as told to Suneela