Sustaining by adapting to changing times: Actor Rituraj Singh

Adapting to change is the secret behind this actor’s success. He has been working for two decades in the Indian TV industry. Actor Rituraj Singh, currently seen as a secret agent in "Trideviyaan".

On whether he is happy with the state of current television, he said, : "Do I have a choice?"

In an interview he mentioned "When I started TV, it was a different culture. The industry was different, the entire concentration was on the script. The script used to be so good that there was so much for an actor to do.

"The channel and producer emphasised on the script at that time... Then things started changing. The scripts started becoming weaker day by day. The audience started liking the stories which were not very believable. It became so much that the quality started falling. I worked at that time and I am still working."

He is also very disciplined and ready to work in any situation he says,

"I am very much familiar with the bad atmosphere, but if I want to be an actor and if I want to work, I will work in whatever situation it is. But I will make sure that I do my work so well that I keep getting good work.

"I have been on the field and never sat at home and I always get cast in different kind of roles," the 52-year-old actor said.

Adapting, is keym as one cannot change the system he says: "So, I work according to the system. But being in the system, I make sure that I am different. I am still totally disciplined. I still totally believe in my script, work on the script with my writers, work on language and the diction. I don't worry about how I am looking. I worry about what my content is," said the actor, who worked with Barry John's theater group TAG (Theatre Action Group) for over a decade.

Asked if he would like to work in a reality TV show, which according to some actors pays better and is finite when it comes to the number of episodes, Rituraj said he detests the notion of becoming a "show piece".

"I am not game for reality TV shows. I have never participated in them and the only reality TV shows that I have done in my life have been where I am not there as a 'show piece'. I am only known as an actor. Earlier, reality TV shows were for real, unlike what we see today," he said.