Superlative Supervision

Kavita Rathore talks with You & I
Let’s start with what’s keeping you busy these days.
There is never a dull moment in a design house. Just when you take a breather at the end of a project, something fresh appears on the radar. Managing a creative person keeps one quite busy. There is always euphoric creativeness, and my time goes mostly towards providing some method to this madness. Currently, the first edits of the autumn/winter 2015 collection are in process. And last but not least, I have my children.
What aspects of Rathore Jodhpur do you look after?
Over the years, it has been a migration from micro- to macro-management. As I work out of Jodhpur, it’s more about keeping a bird’s eye view on everything from day-to-day happenings to all projects and assignments.
Handling corporate and administrative affairs can’t be easy. How do you manage it?
From the time that Raghu (Raghavendra Rathore, Kavita’s husband) established the brand more than two decades ago, all involved have been like extended family. If it weren’t for the great team that we have in place, right from our designers and administrators to tailors to karigars, it would not have been easy. It’s not just their hard work but also shared vision for the brand that does the trick. We’re blessed to have a team that works together, challenges each other, and supports each other.
What’s it like to work with your husband?
It’s a constant balance. There are good days and bad days, and like any working relationship, a conscious effort has to be made to keep work the priority. Communication becomes the catalyst for a smooth working agenda.
Kavita with husband Raghavendra Rathore 
We hear you’re also into jewellery design. Tell us more.
I grew up watching my mother not only adorn the most elegant pieces, but also create special pieces with the family jeweller every time we came from Papua New Guinea to India on our annual family vacation. I don’t know when I started playing around with the idea of making my own pieces, but over the last few years, I have enjoyed doing small and select collections more out of simple lust for beautiful jewellery. My label Amora Mia is an ode to women who enjoy the beautiful things in life.
Any other interests?
Growing up in an international and multicultural environment means that I would someday like to be in a position, through work or otherwise, that allows me to interact cross-culturally for the benefit of international relations, be it in the field of art, culture or the multinational arena.
What’s next on the business agenda?
There’s quite a lot on the cards, and hopefully it should all work out. Right now, we’re focusing on select expansion for the Raghavendra Rathore brand and availability of the product across India. Not to forget, we’re looking at the global market through small yet steady steps.
How do you balance work and play?
That’s something one needs to work on individually, and everyone has her own way of doing so. I personally try to schedule my time and make lists of the things that are needed to avoid confusion.         

..... as told to Anahita