The Sport of Fitness

Fancy a fitness program that doesn’t require you to spend hours at the gym and yet helps you lose weight and get in the best shape ever? A high-intensity, strengthening workout that uses your own body weight to build power without any expensive equipment? Then you need to consider CrossFit. From helping your heart to improving mobility and meeting your weight-loss goals, this exercise program delivers a wide range of health benefits. It even improves your stamina and endurance.

As we age, we tend to feel low on energy, which can contribute to lack of movement and sleep, improper diet, and multiple lifestyle diseases. Since CrossFit workouts promise to keep you in top shape, build muscle faster, and improve your ability to recover sooner, you’re likely to feel much younger and active for longer periods. CrossFit workouts can make a positive impact in each of the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy

A recent study demonstrated that six weeks of intense CrossFit training improves blood sugar levels, reducing insulin resistance, and dropping the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Through CrossFit training, you can:

Lose weight
Since it is a high-intensity exercise program, CrossFit helps you burn more calories even hours after training. Those who do this type of exercise also tend to develop better endurance.

Build muscle faster
Within a couple weeks of CrossFit training, you’ll begin to notice that you’re stronger and more toned. Whether you’re carrying your kids, simply unscrewing the lid of a jar, or just bending over to clean the floor, you’ll have the strength to do things with ease and the stability to prevent back pain

Have a customised workout
Regardless of your age, skill level or strength, each workout is designed to suit one and all. Through CrossFit’s flexible strength and conditioning program, you can improve your muscle tissue, stability, joint mobility, and balance. This decreases the aches and pains of old age.

Boost your confidence
It’s amazing how you can transform from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. You’ll have more confidence in all aspects of your life, including you performance at work and in other everyday interactions with people.

Engage your entire body
CrossFit workouts are not body-part specific and are different every day. Multiple muscle groups are used to perform these exercises. They are called compound movements, through which you’ll get an effective whole-body workout.

Mix it up for maximum benefit
It has been shown that repeating the same workout routine over and over ultimately limits your results. People reach a plateau in their fitness because their bodies adapt to the workout and intensity, which eventually leads to less or no improvement. Also, since a majority of CrossFit’s workouts are based on normal body movements, you’ll be far less bored.

The awareness of CrossFit is increasing rapidly, and those who have tried it have noticed a positive change in themselves. In Hyderabad, X60 CrossFit presents this global phenomenon. Rishi, the founder of X60 CrossFit, Hyderabad, shares, “CrossFit culture is gaining pace since people are impressed by its results. They realise how easy it is to be fit. In a time that unnecessary dependency on fancy diets and supplements is fading, we are committed to building a fitter community.”

CrossFit is a way of life – you get a taste of it once, and you’ll never want to quit!

 ---- Sumana, with inputs from
Rishi, founder of X60 CrossFit, Hyderabad