Spiritual Synchrony

Vidya and Megha always dreamed of starting their own business. As best friends of eight years, their strongest link is a passion for their work. Megha has been trained to channel her healing skills with the use of hypnosis, past life regression and Reiki. She also practices craniosacral therapy, which acknowledges the connections between mind, body and spirit. Vidya has a passion for the hospitality sector, and has been in the industry for close to a decade.
A common dream and different talents led to the birth of ‘Meghavi’, a combination of their names that translates to ‘thunder’ in Sanskrit. They call this the meeting of two sides – the you and the inner you. They aim to sync wellness and holistic living, and promote self-healing.
The Meghavi Day Spalon & O Café offers a range of therapies that address various lifestyle issues. In addition to relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty services, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and craniosacral therapy are also available. Some of the unique services they offer include:

The Meghavi Day Spalon & O Café offers a range of therapies that address various lifestyle issues
• Esalen massage, a deep tissue treatment originating from the Esalen Institute in California. It is based on slow movements that allow the therapist to sink into the fascia, releasing the stress chemical lactic acid.
• Pumpkin wraps, rich in beta carotene that is converted into vitamin A, are great for getting rid of dead surface cells, stimulating cellular turnover, and improving your skin’s tone and texture. In addition, the pumpkin wrap protects your skin from the harmful effects of the environment and fights signs of ageing.
• Gestalt therapy is useful for relationship issues, self-destructive opinions or feelings, or a sense of incomplete experience. Gestalt therapy relates to human perception, working on the basic concept of the Gestalt approach that states, “The whole is different from the sum of its parts.” It focuses specifically on homeostasis – an individual’s ability to control their internal environment in order to ensure stability when responding to changes in their external environment.

The Meghavi Day Spalon & O Café
• Timeline discovers an individual’s untapped potential by integrating past experiences into their present and future. It believes that “what you resist always persists, and what you accept is what transforms.” A powerful method of reformation and restoration, it transforms your past experiences to incorporate them into your present and future. You will experience untapped potential and energy through this therapy.
• Craniosacral therapy is a subtle and an intuitive method through which the practitioner feels the rhythm of your cerebral fluid. She tries to realign the fluid wherever necessary to promote healing, using very gentle movements to work the occipital lobe. This method works particularly well for issues of the back and spine, as well as migraines.
• Past life regression is best for breaking repetitive patterns. It is a hypnotic modality used to take a person back in time as an observer to a life event, revealed as important by the person’s unconscious in order to bring the learning of that event to the present awareness. The aim is to eliminate repetitive patterns.

The Meghavi Day Spalon & O Café offers a range of therapies that address various lifestyle issues
Understanding that well-being is healing manifesting itself at physical, emotional and spiritual levels, all the therapists are Reiki channels; each session wraps up with Reiki. Meghavi also has a reflexology area, The Sparsh Lounge. They’ve trained two visually challenged adults in the practice, and the lounge was painted by a vibrant group of autistic kids from Green Special School. The lounge reflects how the loss of sight increases one’s sense of touch.  

Attached to the ‘spalon’ is O Café, which serves healthy organic food. To highlight the synergy of the various services, they offer a Breakfast Blow Dry (a fresh blow dry to look your best), a few minutes of Reiki healing to start your day, and a healthy breakfast to get you energised.    

– as told to Saloni