Spark of the Future

The Mission E Cross Turismo new concept study reflects Porsche’s vision of pure electric mobility in the form of an all-electric sports car for an active lifestyle. With four doors, four individual seats, and a Turismo rear end that provides even more space for all your requirements, this car is perfect for everyday adventures – but with performance levels that are anything but mundane.


Performance data that wows even motorsport enthusiasts speaks for itself: total system power output of 440kW (600hp); accelerates from 0 to 100km/hr in under 3.5 seconds. And what’s more, long-distance capability is also guaranteed – as is typical of Porsche.

The Porsche E-Performance concept doesn’t stop there. They are also setting new standards in terms of continuous power and reproducibility: several acceleration manoeuvres are possible in immediate succession, while performance remains the same. This is made possible through a PSM high-performance drive: ‘permanently excited synchronous machines’ with an extremely high level of output consistency on both the front and the rear axle. This creates an on-demand E-all-wheel drive – for optimum traction on any terrain. And additional levels of driving pleasure and safety.


Compact electric motors, underbody battery, no combustion engine, no exhaust system, no transmission tunnel, this car has plenty of opportunities to question and rethink previous forms. With this concept car, the German automobile company are exploring the limits. Such as the harmonious combination of typical Porsche shapes with optimised aerodynamics.

The result: a flow-optimised body totally geared to performance – on a robust chassis with increased ground clearance, which opens up new routes o¬ the beaten path. The front, with its extremely flat bonnet section, clearly shows the familial ties to the iconic Porsche 911. With its vertical air intakes for the air curtain around the front wheels, it oozes unbridled dynamics.

A stylistic and technical highlight of the front end is the LED matrix headlight units with four-point daytime running lights, is our glimpse into the future, so to speak. Additional lights are elegantly integrated into the bonnet. The door handles are flush to the surface and automatically fold out when you approach the car. An electrically operated charge port is elegantly integrated into the design on both the driver and front passenger side – for increased comfort in any charging situation.


The futuristic, driver-oriented interior design gives an insight into a new, digital world, while at the same time offering a glimpse into the control concept of future Porsche models. The same principles that have been intrinsic to the basic configuration of our sports cars since the very beginning apply to the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo: openness, purism, clear architecture, driver-orientation, and everyday driveability.

The all-electric drive concept allows an entirely new interpretation of these principles: the absence of a transmission tunnel opens up cabin space and imparts a lighter, more generously proportioned ambient feeling. And meticulous attention has been paid to every detail. The interior design features anodised surfaces and ambient lighting. The door panels impress with 3D elements and the ingenious air-conditioning vents function entirely without slats.

User Experience

The user interface concept with a close-to standard display positioning is optimally tailored to the driver’s requirements, enables intuitive, fast and distraction-free interaction and is an indication of things to come. It consists of a curved driver’s display, a perfectly integrated, extra-wide touchscreen and a 3D touch control panel in the centre console. Functions can therefore also be controlled conveniently by the passenger. A head-up display is also included, which projects key information directly into the driver’s field of vision, meaning the driver can concentrate fully on the road and on driving.              – Source: Press Release