Smiling Glory - Dr Irfan Motiwala

He believes in quality over quantity, and makes sure his patients get the best treatment possible at one of his beautiful clinics in Hyderabad. Dr Irfan is part of a family-run dental practice, and this week we catch up with him on his background and work.

How did you come to be a dentist at one of Hyderabad’s leading dental practices?
My father is a dentist and I have seen him work since I was a child. It always fascinated me. He was one of the leading practitioners of his time, and when I was at a stage where I had to choose a career, I chose dentistry, even though I had the option of getting into the regular medical field. I did my Master’s also in oral surgery, and after that I felt that I still had to hone my skills, so I went to the Kidwai Institute of Oncology.

I then came back to Hyderabad and wanted to practice maxillofacial surgery, which I had studied. It’s always related to trauma and corrective procedures. Slowly I stopped that and got into dental implants, and one of the highlights of what I am doing now is basal implants. It is a bit of a unique technique of dental implants; it’s very different from conventional implants. This is my speciality and niche. Through this I am able to restore teeth with permanent ones in just three to four days. There is no need to do bone grafting anymore. Ten years ago, when I started out, I was the only one doing this. My slogan is “permanent teeth in three days” (smiles).

On a day-to-day basis, what are the highlights of what you do?
When I started 10 years ago, I was trying to concentrate on fixing teeth on people who had been deprived of it, and those who were told they couldn’t get implants because of lack of bone or bone grafting failure. Such patients would qualify for basil implanting technique. In the initial years I was happy concentrating on this. But for the past three to four years, my concentration has also shifted to aesthetics, and we have succeeded a lot due to the lab support that we have. We have maintained the lab for so many years, and the fact that we have a great team is the reason we have been successful in providing good aesthetics, which also matters a lot. “Functionality with aesthetics” is our motto.

What are some of the aesthetic needs that patients come to you for?
Dentistry has two aspects: functional and aesthetic. Coming from the maxillofacial side, it never struck me earlier that aesthetics are also equally important. Then my wife Sohaila joined the practice, and she brought the aesthetic side of it; that’s how we started delivering both. Every clinic has its own niche–ours is quality.

How do you keep up to date with quality?
We attend a lot of conferences and go for international courses. Even a small bit of new technology can change our thinking and techniques; we have to keep abreast of that.

What are your other interests and passions?
I am an outdoor person. I like going out of the city and getting away from the pollution. My kin and I enjoy horse riding and we also go for cross country over the weekends. I always look forward to that (smiles).

Any parting thoughts?
My principle has always been quality over quantity. So if I do something, I give the patient my best, no matter what, without being pressured about time. And patients tend to appreciate having quality work being delivered. This is the main USP of our clinic.        – as told to Suneela