Simple Exercises To Tone Your Thighs

Toning your legs can be a tough task, but not anymore when we are here to give you 2 simple exercise, that if done regularly and in the right postures, will bring on effective effects visible to you within a week.

Exercise 1: Take a chair for your balance and support for this exercise. All you have to is, stretch your legs forward in an angular direction so that both your feet are facing the same direction - towards the chair. Then, hold on to the chair with your hands, and lift you back feet on your toes, and bend down half way, preferably 6 inches above the floor. Repeat this at least 10 times initially, then increase it
according to your stamina. Then shift legs and repeat.

NOTE: To avoid any injuries during this exercise, ensure that your postures are right. Make sure your weight is on your hips, neither forward nor backward.

Exercise 2: spread your legs approximately 2 inches apart, and your knees must be in line with your toes. Now, just go all the way down, keeping the chair as your support. Ensure to breathe properly during this exercise, or else you might end up being breathless after this exercise.

NOTE: Make sure your feet are comfortably apart. Wear shoes, to avoid any slipping during the exercise.