Shoes, Scruff and Skin

We’ve done dozens of articles on beauty and grooming for women. So keeping in step with this issue’s theme, we present all the men out there with some pointers on how to look your best. In a world increasingly demanding of appearances, it’s not only women who want to look their best and feel the need to take care of themselves. While grooming can be tedious for both genders, the results usually justify the effort. Here’s a list of life hacks and grooming tips for men, which will make your life simpler and could even help you trim costs. They may also save you some time and stress!
skin care becomes more of a priority 
With winter around the corner, skin care becomes more of a priority. Acne plagues men just as much as women. Whether you have full-blown acne or an unsightly pimple that’s made an untimely appearance, eye drops will do the trick – believe it or not! Strange it may sound, but the same substance you use to reduce redness in your eyes can reduce the redness of pimples, too. This is a great way to avoid blotches and reduce skin irritation. The secret is in the tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. We recommend using not your finger, but an ear bud to apply the drops.
dry skin 
On the other end of the spectrum is dry skin, yet another winter problem. Cold weather sucks the moisture right out of your skin, tearing it and causing it to peel and itch. Most men tend to use everyday soap to wash their faces. Soap is okay, but choose your poison carefully. Don’t use the same kind you do on your body; go for one that’s made for facial use. Better still, use a face wash that’s gentle on your skin. Regular soaps tend to make your skin drier and can even cause breakouts. Avoid wiping or rubbing your face with your towel. Instead, pat dry.
Shaving is a necessary 
Shaving is a necessary ritual that leads to facial problems like dry skin, cuts, ingrown hairs, and infection. It is essential that you take care of your face as best you can. Make sure that you open your pores by soaking your beard with hot water, and when you’re done, don’t forget to moisturise. Using oil on your razor after shaving can make a huge difference as well, as it tends to slow the dulling process. Using oil on your skin might reduce some of the damage, with the oil acting as a barrier. But it could be just as harmful. Remember to do what’s right for your type of skin.
Speaking of facial hair, maintaining it properly is a crucial aspect of men’s grooming. Though workplace restrictions might infringe on your choice to sport facial hair, ensure that your moustache and beard are neatly trimmed if you do. A messy face can break a look and make you look dishevelled; there’s a fine line between unkempt and manicured. What’s even more important is unwanted facial hair. Don’t forget to trim your nose and ear hair. Looking clean and presentable is important for everyone.
Don’t forget to trim your nose and ear hair 
Gentlemen – you may not have a habit of applying product after showering or before you leave home, but it might be a good thing to consider. Sunscreen, like moisturiser, is an absolute must, especially if you’re worried about signs of ageing. Men often check themselves in small mirrors, only paying attention to how their faces look. While it’s important to focus up top, if you’re looking to dress impeccably and turn some heads, we suggest you invest in a full-length mirror. It’s the only way you’ll know if you look just the way you think you do.
Men who work out sometimes tend to pay more attention to their upper bodies, probably because that’s where the gym time yields the most noticeable results. However, don’t focus on one area too much. In the process of building your upper body, don’t forget your lower one. Strengthen both halves, so that your weight and muscles are distributed aesthetically. And if you hate ironing (we get that), here’s a nifty trick to look pressed with very little effort: Throw the item of clothing in question into your washing machine’s dry cycle, and put an ice cube in there. Your garment will be wrinkle-free soon enough. You could also hang your outfit in the bathroom while you shave and shower, and the steam will help rid it of creases.
One of the most common items in a man’s closet is a pair or two of leather shoes. Whether for formal occasions or work, these are certainly an essential. However, it can be difficult to keep those shoes shining. For a quick fix, use a little olive oil, or a banana skin will also do the trick. Have more closet woes? A jammed zipper can be fixed with a pencil (or anything with graphite), or else try a bit of lip balm. Rub some on the front and back of the zipper, and voila!                                                                                    ..... Saloni