Shiro Restaurant

An organic blend of cuisines, culture and service from all over Asia fuses with a unique mix of Western music and signature cocktails to produce the ultimate dining or late night experience at Shiro. ‘Shiro’, which means ‘castle’ in Japanese, is a dramatic, soaring space that captures the imagination and stimulates the senses.

Located in Delhi’s Samrat Hotel, both the sheer scale and attention to detail at Shiro are impressive. Raw smoky interiors, soft furnishings in a colour palette ranging from rust to caramel to rose – it’s an intriguing combination.
The service at all three of the restaurant’s locations - in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi - is exceptional, combining natural charm and Asian hospitality with the best of Western standards. The multi-cultural staff reflects Shiro itself. Shiro’s eclectic cuisine and sophisticated bar provide a gastronomic experience that lives up to every expectation.

Shiro replicates an ancient, yet somehow contemporary landscape. The main bar, the teppanyaki counter and two spectacular levels dedicated to private dining offer a unique experience to those who enjoy fine dining. High ceilings and majestic statues create a royal ambience within the resto-bar. The appealing drapes with teardrop glass motifs are both classy and regal. The use of water and stone creates a calming and powerful influence on the surroundings, adding to the unique dining and clubbing experience.

The menu at Shiro lets you choose from sushi, sashimi, Cantonese dim sum, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines. The result is a selection that will tempt even the most discerning of palates. The recent addition, teppanyaki, is more than worth sampling. Signature international cocktails (often with an Asian twist), complemented by a substantial wine and spirits list add some “zing” to the entire dining experience.
As the night unfolds, Shiro’s energy level rises, and guests watch as the sophisticated restaurant transforms into something akin to a club or lounge. Great attention has been paid to ensure that each area within Shiro retains its own mood or vibe – here you can choose how you like to party. The high energy show bar reverberates with customised music, yet the lounge and dining areas remain comfortable and relaxed. Full of mystery and surprise, Shiro aims to provide guests with a “fantasy-like culinary adventure”- we’d say they’ve definitely delivered on the promise!        – Niharika

Hotel Samrat
Kautilya Marg, Chanakyrapuri
New Delhi 110021
ph: 011 26876310/11