Shape Specific Workouts

Every woman has a particular body type. Be it either pear shaped, hourglass or apple, each of these body types needs to be tended to differently. With much development in the world of fitness, there are ‘shape specific workouts’ designed to satisfy each body type for satisfactory results.

Pear shaped women are usually heavier on the lower half while carrying excess weight on their hips, waist and thighs - their problematic areas; and need to be attended to. Power moves, total-body strength training and endurance cardio is the way to go.  Balancing out your shape by achieving a more defined upper body is the key. One must design workouts combining strength and cardio training which will help in burning more calories and develop metabolically active lean muscle mass at the same time.

Apple shaped women have a softer fuller middle, broad shouldered and thinner hips and thighs. A protruding tummy is also common among apple shaped women. Their trouble zones being the belly and the waistline, women with this body type must focus on a cardio intense workout to burn off the excess fat while building up their core strength through strength training. High intensity interval (HIIT) cardio workouts are their best bet.

Androgynous body type women often lack curves. Women with this body type must focus on adding definition to their straight figure which can be achieved through strength training. One does not have to particularly focus on burning off excess calories yet minimal cardio workouts will help in improving their overall stamina, endurance and health.

Hourglass shaped women are curvy both on the top and the bottom with smaller appearing waists. Without full-body toning exercises, hourglass shaped women run the risk of adding on a little too much weight especially in the thighs and upper arms. To keep a shapely yet firm figure, women with this body type must incorporate high step, strength training and lots of cardio in their everyday workout routine.

-Devashree Goenka