Saree Draping Made Easier

The only dreadful though about attending weddings and parties for women is the thought of wearing a saree. Only a woman knows the pain of putting in long minutes of efforts, and not having the perfect drape of the saree. So, to get the perfect pleats, and desired style of saree, here is are some markers (to mark where you insert pins) which every woman must know and spread –
Marker no 1:  We have all heard and seen readymade pre – stitched sarees in the market. But here, we are not going to buy them, but make our own pre- stitched saree. All we will do is, make our saree into pre pinned pleats. This can be done on any casual wear too. The first marker, is the first pin, which you put at the beginning of the saree, after you tuck the first round in.  
Marker no 2:  Once you have finished the first marker, just tuck it in too, and continue towards the pallu, by just going directly to the end of the saree. Now, just pleat it into the pallu, and once you are done with it, insert another pin in the middle section of the pleated pallu.  This will now go from behind your back, and set perfectly on your shoulders, with the second marker, flawlessly resting on your shoulder, dividing your pallu into 2 halves.
Marker no 3: Now, to wrap up the whole saree properly, we take the left over part over the waist, and properly tighten it along your waist, and insert the third pin where you wish to end the saree pleats make sure that the first and third pins are in line. These two pins mark the start and end of the saree pleats.
Now, with 3 markers in place, all you have to do is, remove this saree from your casual wear and shift it on matching blouses, and adjust it along the markers that you have made. All you will have to do here is, make the pleats, from marker one to marker three, and you are don wearing a saree.
Isn’t following these marker points, easier to drape a saree? This is the easiest thing you can do, when you are running late of time, or when you are hoping for a comfortable sit of your saree.