Rustic Ramadan Date & Asparagus Spring Rolls

Ingredients                Qty

spring roll sheets            6
Kimia dates                   100 gm
Tanish dates                  100 gm
Medjhool dates               100 gm
white sesame seeds        25 gm
cinnamon powder            a pinch
pencil asparagus             12 stalks
silvered almond                5 gm
pistachio (grated)             5 gm
raisins (black)                  5 gm
pecans (chopped)            5 pieces
custard powder                20 gm
milk                                50 ml
rose petals (dried)            75 gm
saffron                            4 strands
honey                             5 gm
vanilla essence               1 ml


1.   De-seed the dates and chop them finely. Add the raisins, cinnamon powder, sesame seeds, pistachio, slivered almonds and chopped pecan. Mix together to form a coarse mixture of datesand nuts.

2.   Cut spring roll sheets into 3x3” sheets. Lay a dollop of the mixture and flatten with a rolling pin. Place the asparagus on the flattened date and nut mixture, and roll together to create spring rolls. Place them in a deep freezer to rest for 30 minutes.

3.   Heat milk in a pan. Add saffron, vanilla essence, dried rose petals and honey. Stir, and when it reaches a boil, simmer and slowly incorporate the custard slurry. Make sure that no lumps are formed.

4.   Gratinate the date spring rolls under salamander so that the skin bursts. Serve warm with saffron, caramel and tarragon leaves. Serves two.