Ruskin Bond is a fan of Agatha Christie

Ruskin Bond, the master storyteller as well as a connoisseur of the literary genre of mystery, shared his views on the art of writing fiction. He said to media persons on Saturday in Kolkata that ‘writing can only be timeless if the character resonates well with the readers and the style is simple’. He said he likes to keep reading those books where he doesn’t remember the denouement.

"I think a book lasts a very long time if it has a very strong central character which is repeated again and again in subsequent books," Bond was quoted saying during a discussion on Agatha Christie at the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet 2019.

In favour of Agatha Christie's creation Hercule Poirot, he argued that it was eccentric, memorable and larger than life. He added that Mrs Marple is also very entertaining.

Ruskin Bond, now an octogenarian author, first published at the age of 17, and grew up reading Agatha Christie and other detective stories. Recalling his first Agatha Christie, Bond said he was introduced to "the queen of crime" at the age of 10 and the first book that he read was 'one, Two, Buckle My Shoe'. "She leads you on without creating the sort of suspense that you get in a horror film or a modern mystery. You would want to keep going on because it is like a maze. She had a very simple, direct and lucid style of English writing," he said. Shedding light on the charm of Christie’s timeless books, the Indian author of British descent said “Partly it is her skill in creating a plot. Her characters are also very strong and memorable and also her style which has not dated". When the topic of ghost stories came up, Bond said that he didn’t believe in ghosts, but has encountered ‘voices and friendly ghosts’ at his Mussoorie residence. Some of Bond’s works are being adapted into a web series of five episodes by Zee5 Original, titled Parchhayee — Ghost stories by Ruskin Bond. The series is scheduled for streaming from February 14, 2019. "My stories are very short. So it needs filling out and adaptation. I am sure it has been done very well," Bond said while confessing that he is digitally savvy. (-IANS)

-Kanchan Agarwal
Pic Credit: IANS