Rupana-Reddy-of-NA-Architects MODERN HAVEN

Interior designer Rupana Reddy carries her distinctive vision of minimalist glamour into her client Aparna Reddy’s two-storey Banjara Hills house – along with a perfect dose of air and light. The home exudes an enchanting mix: open plan yet intimate; dramatic in scale and simple in design; modern and relaxed neutrals. While speaking to Rupana, who has added contemporary panache to the apartment, we explore Aparna’s spacious home, which absolutely oozes style and character.


Rupana Reddy of NA Architects is a storyteller – not with her words, but with her designs. “Designs should be enjoyable, not just for me but for the clients, too,” she insists. That was certainly the case for the owners of this four-bedroom stylish house: Sreedhar Reddy, Aparna Reddy and their two young children, Kishen and Hema Reddy. “Aparna and Sreedhar wanted the house to look different, a house that felt youthful with everything customised,” explains Rupana. To achieve this, she said, “Let’s do white! And it was a natural for this household. We wanted the apartment to look more high-end, and nothing makes a space look more custom than incorporating gentle tones. The intention was to emphasise the experience of the space as a whole and not a single object. ” She adds, “The use of neutral hues and reflective surfaces gives an illusion of larger spaces.” Although not the obvious choice for a young family, white allowed the architecture to speak for itself. “When we clubbed white with other hues of earthy marble and the various complexions of veneer, it created a sense of connection to nature,” says Rupana.


The guests step straight into an opulent drawing room, which sets the tone with its playful use of blues and whites that keep the room lively and cheerful. However, the focus here is the contemporary staircase and the pool underneath. From this space, comes the heart of the house, a huge lounge and dining area devoted to eating, lounging, and playing that opens on to the spaciously elegant sit-out. Most evenings, the Reddys relax in the sit-out. “We get so excited to sit here, flick through a magazine, sip a cup of coffee and just watch the world go by,” says Aparna.

Adding punch to this palatial house is the grand architecture, simple interiors, and client’s art collection, all of which mesh well together. The interior design went custom for nearly all the furniture, generally modern in spirit. Rupana says she aimed for “super-tailored upholstery and clean lines to create a clean canvas for the art and to complement the architecture.”

Aparna-Reddy-Interior-screening room

The Reddys merged the kitchen with the living and dining areas, and chose a wide sliding door and a partition that allows privacy when needed. Although the general run of sleek, white cabinets and steel dadoing on the wall and granite counter-tops creates an industrial look, it provides a jolt of texture and colour.

Upstairs, the lighting fixtures, wallpaper and artwork tend to be understated. The lounge room is covered in white hues, complemented by wooden textures of the floor and the sleek russet sofas. Crowning the space is a spectacular modern chandelier lingering above. The room’s use of similar tints in the furniture gives a sense of connection between the rooms.


A door opens onto the dark entertainment centre – detailed with American black walnut, a richly grained counterpoint to all the white walls –which is everyone’s favourite room. But for sheer fun, even the entertainment room cannot compete with the kids’ bedrooms: Hema has butterflies in lilacs and lavenders on the ceilings and wall, while Kishen enjoys a sports-theme vibe, with motorcycle wallpaper. All is serene, though, in the master bedroom, where a combination of white and wooden textures in royal blue creates an aristocratic ambience. The bathrooms, adorned with various types of marble, add to the majestic feel of the place. Another upstairs room is exclusively for family guests, and is refined with simple shades of white.


“I firmly believe that homes are about giving each space its own meaning,” Rupana says. “And with Aparna’s house, we created a perfect fusion of a contemporary and minimalist style that gives an expression of reducing things to their essence.”      – as told to Anisha