Prawns with Pickle Chilli

Ingredients                            Qty
prawns                                  200 gm
red chillies                               50 gm    
light soy                                     5 ml
salt                                            5 gm
sugar                                        10 gm
vinegar                                      15 ml
spring onion (chopped)              20 gm

1.   Coarsely crush the fresh red chilli in a blender. Add salt, sugar, vinegar and allow it to mature for a day.
2.   Devein and clean the prawns. Arrange the prawns in a platter.
3.   Spread the pickle chilli on them. Drizzle light soy on the arranged prawns.
4.   Steam for 5 minutes.
5.   Sprinkle chopped spring onions and cilantro on top.
6.   Serve hot with steamed rice.