The traditional Grand Tourer has long been associated with elegance, pace, and beauty. Now, with this new incarnation of Wraith, Rolls-Royce redefines the genre. Quite simply the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever created, this enigmatic motor car sets the benchmark as the ultimate luxury GT.

It is a seamless marriage of performance, control and style. A motor car that will transport you, physically and emotionally, to the most exhilarating places. As in every Rolls-Royce, a calm sophistication is a part of Wraith’s DNA. However, this unruffled exterior conceals a heart that beats pure power. The potent 6.6 litres, the turbo-charged V12 engine can launch you from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, and just as swiftly on the journey of a lifetime.


It delivers 624 bhp in a seamless surge of energy, effortlessly delivered through the eight-speed satellite aided automatic transmission. Clever technology also ensures Wraith maintains its composure over virtually any surface, with a state-of-the-art air suspension system compensating for the tiniest of lateral movements.

While Wraith is daring and unique, the principal design signatures that set every Rolls-Royce apart are still very much in evidence; the classic 2:1 proportions of the wheel to roof height, the long overhang beyond the back wheels, and the signature rear-hinged coach doors.


Underpinned by these pedigree features, Wraith challenges the Rolls-Royce aesthetic boundaries in other areas. Its elegant fastback lines promise seamless performance and an adventurous spirit, while twin exhausts add a hint of controlled aggression to its powerful, striking silhouette.

The combined effect is a motor car that draws covetous glances wherever it travels, finding beauty in the drama of every drive.


The sweeping interior lines promise unashamed luxury that reflects the discerning taste of the driver. A selection of exquisitely hand-crafted veneers, created from single arcs of wood, offer a license to display individual style. Wraith’s immense power is reflected throughout the cabin in a striking union of black and seashell leather, with a dramatic piano black lacquer to finish the veneers.  It also has a Satellite Aided Transmission that predicts the road ahead, automatically selecting the right gear on the eight-speed transmission to make long-distance touring natural and effortless. In addition, Active Cruise Control is radar-enabled to keep track of vehicles in front and automatically maintain a safe distance, ensuring the smoothest possible ride.              – Source: Press Release