Polenta Cannelloni

Ingredients                      Qty
polenta                             60 gm
thyme                                5 gm
butter                               10 gm
Parmesan cheese            30 gm
olive oil                             10 ml
sun-dried tomato              30 gm
ricotta cheese                   30 gm
parsley                             10 gm
salt                                 to taste
black pepper                  to taste
milk                                 100 ml
tomato sauce                  30 ml


1.   Finely chop the sun-dried tomatoes and mix them with ricotta cheese and season the mixture with salt and pepper.

2.   Pour milk in a hot pan and add polenta to it once the milk comes to a boil. Cook for 45 minutes on slow flame. Finish with butter, Parmesan cheese, chopped thyme and parsley once it’s cooked. Season with salt and pepper.

3.   Place the cooked polenta in a cling wrap and flatten it. Keep the sun-dried tomato mixture on top and make a roulade with it.

4.   For the sauce, add olive oil in a pan and sauté onions. Add tomato sauce and season it with salt, Pepper and chopped basil.

5.   Pour the sauce in a baking dish and arrange the cannelloni as shown in the picture. Garnish with Parmesan crisps and serve hot.