PM Modi Gets Hashtag IncredibleIndia Trending

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday in his attempt to give Indian tourism a further boost encouraged his followers on twitter to share beautiful glimpses of their travel experiences using #IncredibleIndia.
"During the holiday season many of you would have gone to places, many would be planning to do so now. Can you share your experiences with me? Do so using #IncredibleIndia. Share photos, your experiences etc," PM Modi said. "I will share your experiences with others as well."
The Prime Minister also asked the people to pen down their experiences. "I don't know if you write a diary but you must write down your experiences," he said. "One should keep a diary while travelling, for it is another side of education."
Within minutes, the hashtag was filed with photographs taken at various corners of India, from Ladakh to Goa to Andamans.
“A lot of you are sharing beautiful glimpses of #IncredibleIndia after the #MannKiBaat programme. I am also RT-ing several photos daily,” said Prime Minister Modi on twitter.
“Keep sharing photos of #IncredibleIndia. The photos are being compiled in the form of an album on my FB page.″ he added.