A Piece of Paradise

Regular traveller Sushila Bokadiya and her family recently travelled to Australia and New Zealand. Read on to find out more about their adventure.

After a short time in Australia, where we visited Melbourne and Sydney, we were off on our adventurous and scenic second leg of the journey. From one paradise to another, we landed in the lovely city of Queenstown, New Zealand. We decided to visit Lake Wakatipu, which is on the South Island and surrounded by stunning mountain ranges.

The Kawarau River shares the picturesque beauty and lies beside the lake. After a bit of sightseeing, we were ready to have some fun in the casinos. We visited the Sky Casino, where we had an absolutely wonderful evening! The following day in Queenstown was set aside for some water sports in Wakatipu Lake. We thoroughly enjoyed the jet stream ride, paragliding and the cruise. Due to the enchanting snowfall, the water sports were limited. So we went bungee-jumping and ziplining in the woods instead. The bungee-jumping was particularly thrilling!

Having scheduled a helicopter ride for the next day, we headed to Mount Cook in Christchurch. The snow-capped mountains and the sub-zero temperature had us shivering, but what a sight it was! The nearby cafés provided us with some hot and tasty coffee to fight the nip in the air. The snow rides were a lot of fun, despite the cold.

We travelled by bus from Mount Cook to the main city. On our way to the hotel we were staying at, we saw a lot of broken down houses and churches. The locals told us that the city had faced an earthquake a short time earlier.

We saw some lakes on the following day. We visited some stunning lakes in Christchurch, including Tekapo Lake, Pukaki Lake and Dunsten Lake. Our next stop was Auckland. On our way to Auckland from Christchurch, we made a stop at Rotorua. It is a popular sightseeing spot for people who want to get a look at the famous volcano. The well-known Maori tribe reside in this fascinating region. We reached the Maori Village, where they had organised a show for the visitors.

A variety of animals performed, including sheep, ducks, cows and dogs. After the show we were taken to see the hot lava – from a distance, of course! Left amazed by this interesting experience, we continued on our journey to Auckland.

Our day in Auckland began with a trip to the Sky Tower, atop which we could see the whole city. It was breathtaking! We then went to a nearby lake to go on a ferry ride and learn a little about the culture of the city as well as the country. That evening was dedicated to the Waitomo Caves, which we had eagerly waited. This extraordinary spectacle is something everyone must experience. In the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, we got to behold the lovely, luminescent, natural glowworms.

Our last few days were spent on the Gold Coast of Australia. The city is filled with amusement parks, great if you’re travelling with kids or adults alike. We started with the Dreamworld Gold Coast Theme Park – one of the best and biggest! There is no shortage of rides here, no matter what kind you prefer. We went on a number of thrilling ones. Though we couldn’t go on all the rides we wanted to, we certainly had a ball of a time!

We also took a ride on a hot air balloon, in which we floated over the city, taking in the sights and sounds. We saw beautiful green fields, riding between mountains. It was an unforgettable experience! After our balloon ride, we went to watch a movie. This was a 7D show that left us absolutely stunned! Our final day on this lovely holiday was spent at Sea World, where we enjoyed several performances and shows by an array of underwater creatures like dolphins, penguins and seals.
It was with a heavy heart and a handful of memories that we returned to Hyderabad.     – as told to Saloni