Pete Davidson Gets Another Tattoo Inspired By Ariana Grande

Adorable couple Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are always giving their fans something to ‘awww’ at and looks like Davidson has struck again. He is continuing his tattoo journey which is inspired by his fiancée Grande, getting “mille tendressesinked on the back of his neck. The phrase is French and was featured in the 1961 film Breakfast At Tiffany’s which stars late Hollywood superstars Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. It means ‘a thousand tendernesses’. What’s adorable is that Grande has the exact same tattoo on the back of her neck. Other tattoos Davidson has gotten for the God is a woman singer are her initials on his thumb, as well as her Dangerous Woman bunny ears on the back of his neck. The most recent tattoo he debuted was a cute sketch of the new baby pig the couple has as a pet. The two have many matching tattoos, while the Saturday Night Live star already has nine tattoos inspired by the relationship! There is also a Winnie The Pooh tattoo inked on Davidson which many fans believe has something to do with Grande as well. How cute! Looks like these lovebirds have made their love quite permanent!          -Rubaina Bilgrami        Picture Courtesy –Ariana Grande Instagram