wine making

The Man With Wine In His Veins: Count John Umberto Salvi MW

all about wines and wine making 

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Making It Happen - Kavita Bhartia talks with you & I

Her understated elegance and kindness are her most striking qualities.

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Still Fit and Fabulous!

Still Fit and Fabulous! - Navin Ansal

He is undoubtedly one of India’s most stylish men, and yet he’s neither an ac

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Nehha Bhandari

Ambitious Beauty - Nehha Bhandari talks with You & I

She has a Masters degree in Psychology, a diploma in French, and a de

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Donning Multiple Hats - Pallavi Walia Raj Talks with You & I

Pallavi Walia Raj is a woman who believes that every day is a gift that needs to be lived to its fullest. Born to a typical middle class family in Mumbai, with parents working in the Government service, she believed in herself and felt that there is much more to life than to grow up and get a job. Pallavi is a classic example of what a girl can achieve when she gets full support from her parents and her husband.

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Fit and Fab - Nitin Nash talks with You & I

He’s transformed himself from a chubby child into a well-groomed and fit adul

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Dr Muffazal Lakdawala  talks with You & I

Giving Something Back - Dr Muffazal Lakdawala talks with You & I

He is the founder and chief surgeon of the Digestive Health Institute by Dr M

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Elegance and Grace

Elegance and Grace - Lauren Norling talks with You & I

She is tall, elegant, and a graceful woman who has been a familiar face in th

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Archana Sinha and Puja Goenka talk with You & I

Smart Eating - Archana Sinha and Puja Goenka talk with You & I

Time and health are two precious assets that we often do not recognise or app

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