Parineeti wants $5 mn as shoe-hiding fees from Nick Jonas

Actress Parineeti Chopra has placed a $5 million shoe-hiding fee demand before American singer Nick Jonas, who will marry her cousin Priyanka Chopra soon.

Parineeti, who joined Peecee on her bachelorette in Amsterdam, posted an Instagram image from a party.

Nick commented, "Wow she's so beautiful. Any chance you could introduce me?" To which Parineeti responded, "Nick Jonas, she is very hard to get! But I can try for you, if you agree to pay the $5 million shoe-hiding fee!"

The hiding of the groom's shoes is a fun part of some weddings in India. The bridesmaids then return the shoe to their brother-in-law in return of a token.

Priyanka and Nick got engaged earlier this year, after which the couple came down for a traditional Indian roka ceremony in Mumbai. The actress had a bridal shower and celebrated her bachelorette with her girl brigade recently in Amsterdam.

Pic courtesy: Parineeti Chopra Instagram