Parents Climb School Walls To Help Their Children Cheat

A large-scale examination cheating scam was exposed in Khagriya and Hajipur in Bihar when friends and family of Class 10 students taking the Bihar board exams were caught climbing a multi-storeyed building to help the students cheat during board exams. Many students also smuggled in textbooks and notes into the examination centres despite tight security. The students were also reportedly being helped by invigilators and school staff.
As shocking visuals of large-scale copying by students and images of youths and parents climbing atop a Vaishali examination centre emerged they immediately went viral. More than 1.4 million students are appearing in the Class 10 board examination amid widespread reports of mass copying and cheating. At several centres, police personnel failed to stop them while at some they are seen even helping in the cheating.
Bihar Education minister P K Shahi admitted that cheating in exams was prevalent, particularly in the rural areas. “It’s not the only responsibility of the state to hold cheating-free examination. This cannot be achieved without help from society particularly parents of the examinees,” Shahi told reporters when asked about mass-scale cheating. “Over 14 lakh examinees are appearing in the examination and with each of them, 4-5 persons including parents are going. Is it possible to keep an eye on over 60 to 70 lakh people?” Shahi asked. He also said that it is not only happening in Bihar.

..... Devashree Goenka