Orange Dark Chocolate Dome

Ingredients          Qty

For orange cremeaux
fresh cream        250 gm
milk                     250 gm
sugar                  50 gm
egg (whole)        1
vanilla bean        1
orange zest        of 1 fruit

For dark chocolate dome
dark chocolate        660 gm
double cream          660 gm
egg (yolk)                4
egg (whole)             2
caster sugar           30 gm
vanilla bean            1


1.   For the orange cremeaux, heat milk, cream and sugar together until the sugar gets dissolved. Add the egg yolk, whole eggs and vanilla bean and mix all together. Strain it and add the orange zest to the strained mixture.

2.   Pour the mixture in the silicon dome and bake it in a double boiler for 12 minutes at 150°C. Refrigerate it when it comes to room temperature.

3.   For the dark chocolate dome, make sabayon with whole eggs, egg yolks, caster sugar and vanilla bean. Let the sabayon cool down and then fold it in the melted dark chocolate. Now fold the whipped double cream and leave it aside.

4.   For assembling, pipe little quantity of dark chocolate dome mousse in the silicon dome mould (less than half the mould) and place the small dome of orange cremeaux in it.

5.   Cover the orange cremeaux with the remaining dark chocolate mousse mixture.

6.   Place round shape cut-outs of chocolate sponge of the same size on the silicon mould and freeze it.

7.   De-mould the mousse dome when after it is set and spray it with the dark chocolate. Place it on the pastry base, garnish it as desired and serve chilled. Serves 16.