The Long Escape

New years and new beginnings have come and gone, and so have the many resolutions along with them. Whether you’reon trackto reach your goals or just couldn’t help but slip a bit, there’s still one thing no one should miss out on this year: the opportunity to travel and explore the world. So before you mentally start racking up the many obligations and commitments that are in store for the year, how about taking a look at your new travel bucket list? From a quick getaway to a lengthy exploration, rejuvenating in a faraway countryside or walking city streets bustling with life, here are 10 places around the globe that aresure to offer every traveller something new!    
                             – Roshni

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Security Taken Seriously SAFETRUNK

What began as a quest for simple and convenient deposit locker facilities has now led to the birth of SAFETRUNK – one of the finest and largest locker facilities in India.

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Majestic Dwellings and Celebrations

While it might seem like it never stopped, the festive season is right around the corner yet again. As life in a multicultural country definitely allows its citizens to experience the best of every festival year round, it’s a given that we now treat ourselves to the finest Diwali experience – right here at home.

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Guilt-Free Munching!

Of all the things that the festival of lights has to offer, what remain are the wonderful memories we make.

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Revving Through the Hills

While some may consider a trip to the harsh yet spectacular terrain of Ladakh a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for Urmez Bhote and his friend Pranav Pingle, that is definitely not the case.

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Island Adventures

A land of natural beauty where glaciers and volcanoes are abundant and, more importantly, the place where the Lord of the Rings films came alive,

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DIY for Healthy Skin and Hair

Every woman wants zit-free, clear, and glowing skin. And although the cosmetic industry offers solutions for healthy skin and hair, the harsh chemicals present in the readily available products can damage the skin in the long run.

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Drink and Detox!

Detoxifying is crucial for overall health, and can be a beneficial component of a weight loss programme as well. While there are many ways to detox and see results, one healthy way is by consuming infused water. These types of drinks work wonders in ridding your body of harmful toxins, and in turn improve your health.

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Kashmiri Tales and Trails

A journey of firsts and surprises, Smita Joseph’s quick getaway to the beautiful state of Kashmir was filled with adventurous activities, scrumptious food, breath-taking views, and much more.

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