Olympia Ceramica’s Vinyl

Italian label Olympia Ceramica is ensuring that their brand name is etched in our brains with their newest creation. The company has just revealed a beautiful bathroom vanity that is identical to a turntable, giving off a retro vibe. With the neat finish and elegance that is emanated from this beauty, we assure you it will be hard to resist. Named ‘Vinyl’, this latest collection, which features a variety of consoles and sinks, is inspired by Gianluca Paludi’s designs from the ‘80s which was the era of DJs using actual turntables and not laptops or USB sticks. Unveiled during the Salone del Mobile this year, this masterpiece includes a single, or if you would like a double console, which includes recessed white basins fitted into a vintage style vanity. All of it looks like it was brought right out of the 1980’s.

The scratching and spinning has also been included in an artistic manner, with the faucet designed to resemble an arm holding the stylus and the taps imitating turntable knobs. But obviously, this is not just any simple vanity as a special storage drawer gives you space for a Bluetooth amplifier that is concealed. All of this is completed perfectly with a lower shelf in tempered glass, a leather bag, and a coloured metal frame. Also worth mentioning is the LED mirror, indicative of a music equaliser. This is basically a music enthusiasts’ dream come true.