Old-School Gaming!

If you’re always waiting for an opportunity to hit the road with your friends, then you know how boring the backseat can be. And if you’reon a long road trip, you’ll certainly need some activities to distract you from all the mundane moments throughout the journey.

Before the days of smartphones and other gadgets, people actually played games in the car during long trips. And it’s still something you can do! Instead of being glued to a screen, put away your electronics and try some of these fun games that can be played in the car. It’ll keep you occupied and create some new memories!

Name game. This game is so much fun that you will want to keep playing even after the drive is over. One person says a name and the next one has to say another name that begins with the last letter of previous name. The third person should say a name that begins with the last letter of the second person’s name, and so on. Duplicates are not allowed, and they all need to be real names. Names of places with the same rules is even more challenging.


20 questions. This is an old standby that’s always good for dull moments. One person thinks of something without telling anyone else. Everyone else has 20 yes or no questions to guess what it is. The winner of the game is the one who guesses correctly before the 20th question. If no one figures it out, then the person who stumped the other shas won the game.

I spy. Similar to the 20 questions game, but in this case the chosen object must be within sight. The first person starts with the phrase, “I spy with my little eye something
beginning with/that looks like....” He then says the first letter of the object he or she sees. The rest of the game can be followed by either a set number of questions or until someone guesses correctly.

Name the tune. This is where the radio comes in handy. Turn it on and keep changing the channels until you hear a song. Later see who can name the tune first. Repeat this game as many times as you like.

Storytelling. One person needs to start a story with just a line or two, then he needs to stop narrating the story midway. The next person has to pick up the tale and keep building on it. The stories usually getpretty crazy! This is the best game for a laughter riot.

License plate initials. This game is pure silliness. First, check the letters on a license plate, thenmake up random things with what they might stand for—for example, SYS can stand for‘ See You Soon’! Everyone in the car needs to come up with an answer before moving on to the next round. Group giggles are assured with this game!

The singing game. One person starts singing a song and the next person needs to use a lyric from the song and connect it with another song. The game continuesuntil
somebody changes the actual lyrics or is stumped.


Don’t say it. This is a simple game that tests the players’ memories. Pick five common words that passengers are not allowed to say during the journey. Words to pick can be those that are usually used while travelling, such as: arrive, stop, slow, etc. Whoever uses the chosen words can be penalised.

Would you rather? This game surely helps time pass more quickly. Think of some strange or disgusting activities and ask your friends which one he or she would prefer if they had to pick one. An example of this might be: “Would you rather eat a live cockroach or watch a tarantula crawl down your leg? ”Everyone needs to think of some good responses and have a few funny reasons for the choice.

Hot seat. One person in the group can be asked a few questions by the rest. The person in the hot seat needs to answer at least four out of five questions honestly.     – Sumana