The NRI Homebuyer's Guide

The NRI Homebuyer’s Guide to the top 3 cities to live in India

India is emerging as one of the most attractive destinations to own a home. With the country set to become the fastest growing economy in the world and with a slowing Chinese economy; it’s won’t be an exaggeration to say that investors from across the world with deep pockets are flocking to India and are showing keen interest in investing in infrastructure, railways, manufacturing, defense, aviation, automobile and the information technology sector.
This is also the very reason, why Indians who had once left the country in search of greener pastures are much interested in returning to their homeland. And this very fact, has got industries in India all riled up—especially the realty sector which is investing more than ever before on both affordable housings for the average middle class Indian as well as high-end projects for people who can afford such luxury, which includes the non-resident Indian used to a high-flying life abroad.
In this article, we will look at the top 3 cities in India which are at par with their international counterparts regarding infrastructure, safety, jobs, etc.

Homebuyers Guide Banglore 
Bangalore is one of India’s go-to destinations when it comes to the Information technology scenario in the country. Home to some of the world’s largest IT giants like Wipro, Amazon, Facebook and the likes; Bangalore is India’s IT giant. Bangalore offers a world of endless opportunities to a generation which believes in working hard and partying harder. Therefore, you won’t find a dearth of international clothing, food and entertainment outlets in the city. A little-known fact about Bangalore if you are not familiar with India is that it’s called ‘The Pub Capital of India’ this is so because Bangalore has close to 800 pubs catering to India’s young and energized workforce. The city offers everything that you can expect from any other metropolitan city in the world; albeit at a lower cost. For example, we tried to analyze the cost of accommodation in this city and did a quick analysis for 2 BHK for rent in Bangalore and found that the rents were much lower when compared to a city like Mumbai; one of India’s most expensive cities to live. Bangalore offers a comfortable life with all the necessary amenities at a significantly lower cost when compared to the next 2 cities on the list. Bangalore is also relatively safer compared to the next city on this list, which is notorious for its high crime rates with a bad record when it comes to a woman’s safety.

Homebuyers Guide Delhi

Source: Livemint
Ideally, the capital of the country should have been at the number 1 spot; however, the only reason Bangalore ranks higher is due to a lower cost of living when compared to Delhi. Being the capital of India; Delhi has everything going in its favor—infrastructure, jobs, transportation, access to healthcare and what not. Being the political heavyweight that Delhi is with politicians from all over the country making it their second home; it’s obvious, that the infrastructure is perhaps the best in the country. You will find the widest roads in Delhi compared to the rest of India, on top of that Delhi’s famed Metro services make traveling around the city a walk in the park.  When it comes to jobs; the entire region of Delhi NCR which comprises the cities of Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, etc. is home to everything from IT to automobiles; electronics to aviation and retail. Which essentially means that no matter what your expertise is, you are sure to find niche specific heavyweights operating their business from within the city; thereby increasing your chances of landing a high paying job.
Homebuyers Guide Mumbai 
Sorry residents of Mumbai for putting the city on the number 3 spot; but it’s only so due to the excruciatingly high cost of living. Let’s make a quick comparison of the cost of rent for a 2 BHK in Bangalore, which is our cheapest city regarding cost of living, compared to Mumbai and Delhi.
When  compared  to  Delhi- Source:
When  compared  to  Mumbai- Source:
But it’s all not that bad since Mumbai’s transportation, electricity, and water management is one of the best in the country. Being the financial capital of India has its perks since most of the corporate giants have their head offices in the city. When it comes to Mumbai; there is nothing in this world that’s available anywhere else in the world you won’t find in this city. It’s not only a financial giant but also a manufacturing hub. If you are looking for a plush house in a city which never sleeps and reminds you of NY, then Mumbai is the place to be.
If you are an Indian reading this sitting somewhere in New Jersey, Sydney, Perth, Tokyo, Paris or any other city you have called home ever since you left India. Mark this writer’s words; there will be no better time than this to come back to your homeland once again.