The Newest 'Scandal' Trailer Is Here

'Scandal' doesn’t return until Sept. 24, but ABC tweeted out the first trailer for Season 5.
The Season 4 finale last May ended with Fitz and Olivia kissing on the White House’s balcony, taking a cliffhanging turn for on-and-off relationship.
The trailer for the new season is only 30-seconds long but shows us so much content like Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) not only in bed together but out in public, Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) post being fired from the White House and the biggest news is Fitz giving Mellie divorce papers.



‘Scandal’ show runner Shonda Rhimes says that the upcoming season will concentrate more on the "reconstitution of the gladiators" since last season central gladiator concept was sidelined so Olivia Pope could heal after she was kidnapped.