A New You! - Santha John, Sridevi Jasti, and Chaitanya Ch talk with You & I

A New You!

Thirty days to a dream you, a healthier you, and a better you. That’s the mantra that Santha, Sridevi, and Chaitanya prescribe in the company they formed by bringing together each one’s core talents. Sridevi is an award-winning nutritionist, Santha has been trained by Curly Martin London (one of the world’s top lifestyle coaches), and Chaitanya has a keen eye for styling. We caught up with the trio to find out about their new venture.

What’s the key concept behind Elanist Pro?
The idea is 30 days to a new you – a dream you – through health, confidence, style, and life coaching.

What exactly does the process entail?
Santha: I often used to get a lot of clients who were interested in life coaching, and I would always put them on to Chaitanya. Seeing her work closely for the past two years, I realised that she was very holistic and practical about what good looks are. She didn’t give fashion makeovers, but instead made clients into the best possible versions of themselves.

What’s the one underlying piece of advice you would give someone who is looking to holistically improve the quality of their life?
Everyone has the right to look good, feel confident, and enjoy good health. If not now, then when? So I would advise everyone to invest in their health because the benefits are infinite.

Can you share any interesting stories or experiences you’ve witnessed so far?
We respect our clients’ privacy and cannot reveal any personal stories, but we can give an example of a male client who had been rejected by a girl and so wanted to make heads turn. His diet helped him shed those stubborn kilos, and we coached him on an emotional level and made him dress for his body type. All this made a world of a difference in his confidence and style. We get glowing testimonials from all our clients, and are very happy to see them turn into confident human beings.

Who typically engages such services?
Men and women who want to improve their health in terms of more energy, weight loss, etc.

What are the most popular requests you get from clients?
Everyone wants to lose two to three kilos. Those last few are the hardest to lose!    
                                                                                                                                 --- as told to Suneela