Netflix Releases a Personal Training Device

Netflix, the world’s leading subscription service for watching movies and shows has released Netflix-themed personal trainer in March 2017. According to the company’s instructions, the new device can be used at home by connecting to your tablet or phone via Bluetooth. The trainer is a small phone-shaped device with familiar faces Terry Crews, Jessica Jones, Frank Underwood, and Dustin Henderson on it, who will give motivational messages throughout the workout session.

This new device can be clipped to your belt or armband when you’re working out and the gadget uses an accelerometer to monitor your activity while you workout. The way the device works is once you setup the device you can choose how hard you want to workout, if users fall below the threshold while working out the device will mute or pause the music on your phone or tablet to share inspirational messages from Netflix characters or actors. Users may find it difficult to assemble the device without basic knowledge about electronics and coding. The idea to develop a personal training device came from Netflix’s biannual Hack Day, an event that encourages all the employees to think creatively and experiment with new technology.


-    Akhila kakarala
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