Netflix launches in India

Rejoice, couch potatoes. Video streaming platform Netflix has launched its services in India that will allow its users to watch content on a Smartphone, television, a video game console, Blu-Ray players, an app or a tablet.

The plan for the India is to offer a wide array of movies and TV content, which Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO, hopes will prove to be "high engagement caliber.” And this could be true, with no dearth of titles that India has never had access to – Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Daredevil to Marco Polo and BoJack Horseman – Indian customers are definitely spoilt for choices.
Users are able to sign up for Netflix, where you get the option of three bill plans, which is virtually identical to that in the US —Basic (Rs.500), Standard (Rs.650) and Premium (Rs.800 approximately) per month for HD screens, including a free one-month trial.

Well, only time will tell how successful would Netflix become in India, until then, happy Binge-watching!

  ..... Anisha