When columnist-cum-interior designer Vimi Singh was tired of entering stores that lacked quirky furnishings, art, and unique artefacts in the city of Delhi, she came upon the idea of opening her own store— NAVYA, a creative space which offers nearly museum-worthy pieces. “When I used to go shopping for home decor pieces, I found that there was very little available in terms of a great piece or something different for that matter,” said Vimi adding, “Most of the stuff didn’t appeal to me. I have always had a liking for European artefacts.” That’s how the idea of a store was seeded, and a few years later, in 2005, Vimi opened NAVYA.  

Walking into this quaint space gives the feeling of stumbling upon the best stall at a flea market. With light streaming into the cosy store, the white walls, wooden racks, tabletops, and mirrors portray a refined style of contemporary – meaning that the perfectly curated store manages to be quaint without being kitsch.

Vimi focuses her discerning eye (cultivated over the years) on a unique mix of beautiful items created by artisans from around the world, sourcing them from her lavish trips. “My trips to various cities and countries and love for all things beautiful were a major force behind setting up my own store where I could bring handpicked finds from all over the globe,” Vimi exclaimed.

Hence it’s no surprise that Vimi’s selection is a runaway success, as she stocks one-of-a-kind diner-esque pieces, antiques, and soft furnishings imbued with luxury and humour, culled from many different eras. “I love to collect vintage, European looking and quaint things. I also look for talented people and get products customised for the store as per the requirement,” Vimi adds.
With a collection that changes every now and then, the store offers something new each time. Vimi is always in search of refurbish-able thrift-store finds.      -- Anisha