My Song: truly an incredible yacht

The stunning vessel designed by an all-star team consisting of Baltic Yachts, Nauta Design, Reichel/Pugh, and MCM, called My Song, walked away with the coveted Neptune trophy in her class of the World Superyacht Awards in Florence earlier this year.

Looking like a meticulously handcrafted work of art, this ultra sleek vessel is well worth your attention, boasting a marvellous blend between style and performance. With a clean profile and a sporty appearance, the 40-meter project is also one of the larger full-carbon yachts on the racing scene.

My Song brags about a top speed of over 30 knots and a displacement of 105 tonnes, but comfort was also one of the main focus points when the building process has started, with her exterior decks boasting a pure Italian style and acting like an ideal place to relax.

Offering a welcoming sense of luxury, My Song also includes a simple sun terrace and displays minimalist furnishings inside-out, with a mahogany-clad deck head, various skylights and wide portholes, as well as an impressive master suite and a private apartment being also worth a mention.